Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Slimey Christmas Greeting

There is a broken arm update below, but first:

You all know how much I love Ghostbusters! Each year I try to post a new image of my Slimer photo puppet prop on a fan forum, and this year's Slimer image is below. I did borrow the background from another website. Note the slime upon entry at the fireplace. To see original images before Photoshop, click here.

Well, you'll have to excuse my delays in e-mails, as well as any whining. When you love doing things like drawing and puppetry and you suddenly can't it is depressing. Although it's been 4 days now, the pain and throbbing hasn't subsided and I've been getting very little sleep. Folks, be careful NOT to break anything!!

So, what is going to be missed? Well, there were to be Muley Christmas games that you can download from the site, an exciting new video for Christmas, plus plans to begin rolling out a few new websites beginning in January based on some high profile projects that I've been working on for a while.

Besides that, work on the house and yard work which can't be done with one hand, puppet construction, and some paintings for friends which cannot be done. Plus, it interferes with my graphic design job that I do Monday - Friday.

Needless to say, not doing art constantly is depressing. Folks who don't express themselves through art keep me wondering how they survive or keep happy. Maybe by not breaking things.

I do look forward to 2010 as 2009 has made me face my two biggest fears: losing Papa Roy and breaking my right arm.

So, the next blog should be about something more interesting than me being a pansy-whining foo-foo punk-boy, so I hope you'll stick around.

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