Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

This is our belated Christmas card which didn't get an actual print run, so the design on the back will be seen here for the first time!  In the comments below or on Muley's Facebook page, share what Christmas means to you, or what this time of year means to you.

For us, it means a moment of silence, a moment of helping those around us find joy, a time of giving, and time of family and friendship, and a time of reflection.

Oh, and stay 'tooned for the "Cracker Box Theater"TM!

Notice that the three boys are looking at Santa and Missy is looking at the present!

Click to learn more about the Santa Fish...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Breakfast with Santa at Ronald McDonald House of Memphis

We're always glad to participate with the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis (after all, Muley has been named their Official SpokesMule).  One of our favorite events is Breakfast with Santa.  Kids and their families staying at the RMH get to have breakfast, visit with Santa, get treated to wonderful music and Christmas carols and arts and crafts.  It really is a good time to be had by all!

Here are some photos from the event.  Muley and I are thankful for the help of our buddy Richard Meeks and all the other volunteers helping at the RMH.

"My future's so bright..."

Cthulu?  More fearsome: MuleThulu.  Or Cmulu?

This original "Transferral Mural (TM)" was donated in the
mid-1990's and hangs in the kids' playroom of the RMH!

Muley pretends to cook breakfast.

Muley, Kevin, and Richard Meeks.
Want to help the RMH?  Click below to donate!
Click this image to donate!
The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis an also take donations of canned food, single-serve packages of food, freezer meals, toilet paper, diapers, napkins, paper towels, and a ton of other things you find around the house.  The RMH operates solely off fund-raising events and donations.  Those change buckets you see at McDonalds also help the RMH.

First "Muley Show" Commercial Airs on TV!

Click on the image below to visit the Muley Show website and see the commercial as it aired on television!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Muley's Kids Message - 12/8/2013

We delivered our message for the kids at First Congo on 12/8/2013 which was about preparing for the coming of the Christ Child, sharing the verse made famous by Linus in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," and explaining how over 700 years people were prophesying the coming of the baby Messiah.

The Congo Beat, the church newsletter, says:  The children always enjoy hearing what Muley the Mule (Kevin Williams) has to say, and last Sunday he shared the Christmas Story in his own special way.  As you can see, Jasper Vaughn totally enjoys our monthly visits from Muley!
Ignore that head behind the cardboard...
The next message is on January 5, 2014 if you want to come visit!  Here's a map to First Congo!

Here is the schedule so far:
January 5th:  Kevin and Muley
February 2:  Kevin and Muley
March 2nd:  Kevin and Muley
March 30th:  Kevin and Muley
April 27th:  Kevin and Muley

Saturday, November 16, 2013

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Visit

I went to visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with the Mid-South Cartoonists Association and took Muley along for the ride.  While there, I met a very cool young fellow who said he'd never drawn before in his life.  But, compare my sketches to his and I have to say he's got some talent!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Muley Visits First Congo - 11/10/2013

Muley made his monthly visit to First Congo to deliver his kids' message; but, there was a lot going on to capture his attention.  First, there was a book swap before service started.  There in the floor was ZB Davis reading a book to the kids, and Muley, also a kid (not that species), had to jump out and visit to hear the story.  Roger Courts captured this photo.
Muley (Kevin Williams) enjoyed a special visit with Charlie and Lily Crum,
and Nathan Davis with his mom, ZB, before church!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Frog Fest Update 2013

In October 2013, Muley the Mule got to host the kids' costume contest and emcee the door prize winnings.  Finally, he was there to dedicate the famous Kermit and Jim photo to the museum.  Click the image below for more information.

Muley with Kevin, Dot Turk and Ashely Zepponi at the museum
in front of the original photo of Jim and Kermit.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Muley and Kevin October 2013 Appearances

Short notice, but places where you can find Kevin L. Williams this weekend, along with Muley the Mule:

Friday, Oct. 25 from 6 – 9 pm: Kevin is appearing as a proud member of Expedition Unknown at the Woodruff-Fontaine House’s “Haunted Happenings,” where you get to explore the house museum, take a mini-ghost hunt, and learn the history of this beautiful Victorian style home!  $20 for the event, food, and to see Kevin in a 16th century outfit.  Costumed garb suggested!

Saturday, Oct. 26, all day: Leland Mississippi’s FrogFestival, celebrating the Birthplace of Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog featuring bands, costume contest, art activities, puppet shows, and more.  Muley will be on hand (ha ha) to host the costume contest and possibly judge a chili contest.  Kevin will be doing art activities teaching how to draw some Muppets along the banks of the famous Deer Creek!  Be sure to stop in the Jim Henson Delta Boyhood Museum!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 20, 2013, Kids' Message

Muley's been delivering these kids' messages at First Congo for a while now, and he loves it.  He loves visiting everyone and going to church and sharing his thoughts. To see when Muley will be speaking at First Congo, you can click here

The rest of us are nervous when he begins speaking.

However, this time he related how the church is like a big pie, and to keep this pie cooking you have to add ingredients which is either money (to help programs like Food for Families or the Fishes and Loaves Closet continue to help people) or even volunteers to power the programs.  The photo of the chocolate pie had a slice missing, and that's where we come in during this Season of Giving--to complete the pie and help continue programs which are needed to help the needy.

Of course, he would start with a broken sign and the wrong kind of "pi."

Photo by Roger Courts

We've also updated www.muleyshow.com with the First Congo 150th Anniversary Banquet Program details and photos.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Muley Kids' Messages Schedule at First Congo (2013 - 2014)

As you know, Muley visits and does the kids' message at First Congregational Church once in a while (sometimes even twice in a while!).  It is a lot of fun and we always wish for friends of the Mule to come out and see what he has to say.  Sometimes it even gets an "amen" from the congregation!

Photo by Roger Courts

Celebrating its 150th year in October 2013, First Congregational Church is located at 1000 South Cooper, Memphis TN 38104.  The phone number there for more information is 901.278.6786.

Church officially starts with announcements at 10:30 am; but, come earlier on for meet and greets with folks in CafĂ© Congo and get some coffee, juice, snacks--it's fun.  After services you even get a tour of the church campus and learn more about programs there such as Revolutions, Food for Families, Fishes and Loaves Closet...TONS happen there.

The kids' message schedule is:
October 20th - Kevin and Muley
November 10th - Kevin and Muley
December 8th - Kevin and Muley
January 5th:  Kevin and Muley
February 2:  Kevin and Muley
March 2nd:  Kevin and Muley
March 30th:  Kevin and Muley
April 27th:  Kevin and Muley

Having mentioned the 150th Anniversary, Muley and his friends Buford the Dog, Roy Duck, and Missy Mule, will be performing alongside Sister Myotis and Cecelia  in celebration!  The banquet is on Oct. 5th and starts at 6:00 with catered dinner and the wonderful sounds of Joyce Cobb.  Tickets are currently $20 and you can reserve your seat(s) by clicking here and marking "Anniversary Banquet Ticket" in the message area of the donation.

So, the full schedule for the church's 150th Anniversary:

Friday, October 4th

·         5:30 - 7:00 PM:   Cocktail reception for out-of-town guests

We're hoping for a heart-warming REUNION of all you folks who've moved away from Memphis and told us you've had a hard time finding another church home that feels quite as good as First Congo.  Come back and see your dear friends, hear Cheryl Cornish preach again (she's better than ever!), remember old stories and remind each other of friendships past.  Most especially, see how YOUR time here was a valuable contribution to the wide and wonderful ministry we've become!   

 Saturday, October 5th: 

·         10:00 AM  - NOON:   All-Church Open House 

  This is your chance to visit all the spaces, nooks & crannies you've never seen before in this 83,000 square foot piece of Heaven!  Meet our shared-space partners!  Bring your friends and show them the bike shop, the art studio, the choir room, the hostel, the retreat center, the pastors' offices, the theater, the food justice room, and every other door you've wondered what was behind it! 

 NOON - 2:00:  Picnic Cook-Out 
Come to the beautiful north deck for a free lunch with friends:  hamburgers, hot dogs, vegieburgers, baked beans, potato salad, fruit salad, cupcakes, cold drinks & hot coffee!

·         6:00 PM:   Birthday Banquet - $20 per person   (sponsorships available) 

We won't turn 150-years-old again in this lifetime, so BE SURE to come to this party!  Our musical guest is Memphis favorite, Joyce Cobb, and our hilarious Masters of Ceremonies are Sister Myotis, Muley the Mule, and our own fabulous Cecelia Johnson Powell!  Our dinner will be served family-style and is fully catered by another Memphis favorite - "Just For Lunch" serving plentiful:  
·         Spinach Salad with blueberries, strawberries, fresh orange sections, crumbled feta cheese, roasted pecans, with a citrus vinaigrette

·         Roasted Chicken and Long Grain & Wild Rice Baked Casserole

·         Green Beans and Ribbons of Carrots

·         Brown Basmati Rice, Mixed Grilled Vegetables & Sliced Portobella (vegan friendly)

·         Bread Baskets with Baguettes, Rolls and Muffins

·         Dessert is a Variety of Miniature Sweets including Lemon, Toffee and Raspberry Squares, Cookies, and Brownies! 

Joyce Cobb, Sister Myotis, Cecelia Johnson Powell,
Muley the Mule and Friends!

 Sunday, October 6th

10:30 AM:  Celebrating in Worship

"It's Good We're Here Together!"  Join us as we do what we do best at First Congo - singing, praying, preaching, dancing, crying & hugging in our Sacred Space of Sanctuary.  If you'd like to be part of our Celebration Choir for the day, we'd love to have you - just join us for rehearsal on Saturday morning at 11:00 in the Sanctuary.  

·         After Church:  Closing Reception Brunch for ALL

Our Hospitality Team is preparing a closing buffet to enjoy as we catch one last visit and hug before saying good-bye!  


Good Mule Medicine?

Whatever that stuff means...

(Photo stolen from Facebook)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Spread the Word!

Getting ramped up for The Muley and Friends Show!  Help spread the word and share some images and a link back to www.muleyshow.com please.

Click here to see more images:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Muley's Comix and Stories #1B!!

The long asked for, long awaited re-issue of #1 in a second edition which now contains ALL Muley and Friends comic strips and a first-ever full-color presentation of the 3-page story "Marshall Muley of Giddyup Gulch" as he faces off against the big, bad Eddie Bubba!

Those who bought #1 will remember that there were other comic strips that were not Muley and Friends (such as Noah at the edge of the ark holding his hand out for a dove to land on his finger while it holds an olive twig saying, "We can eat the animals now").

In this new edition, 14 full-color Muley comic strips have been added to this 32-page edition bringing you along with them into their hijinks and hilarity!  The full-color wrap around cover even invites you into their world as they play in the park.

If you got the first print edition, don't miss out on this new one and get your kicks!  Go and grab it, you'll be glad you did.  Click the image below to start your order!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Watch! "The Spy Who Fleeced Me"

Click the movie poster below to watch this short film, winner of Best Film, Best Directing, Best Special Effects and Best Costumes.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

"The Spy Who Fleeced Me" - 48 Hour Film Project Wrap-up Awards

Tonight, all the film makers converged on Jack Magoo's here in Memphis and awards were given out.  Here are some photos from tonight's event.  Coming soon: Behind the scenes images!

Well, we won!!  Next stop: New Orleans and representing Memphis!

Tonight's Crowd

Bill shows off the Best Special Effects Award!

Best Directing to Ed Griffith and Rodney Rastall!

Best Film?  Yes, thank you!  We'll take it!

The Entire Crew: Paco Suave, Kevin L. Williams, Ed Griffith,
Madame Ovaree, Nora Childers, Brad Alsobrook, Andrew,
Rodney Rastall.

Paco/Kevin, Madame Ovaree/Andrew

Host for the awards ceremony, thanks!
Nora's self-portrait with Paco Suave, "The Spy Who Fleeced Her."  :)