Friday, August 2, 2013

Watch! "The Spy Who Fleeced Me"

Click the movie poster below to watch this short film, winner of Best Film, Best Directing, Best Special Effects and Best Costumes.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

"The Spy Who Fleeced Me" - 48 Hour Film Project Wrap-up Awards

Tonight, all the film makers converged on Jack Magoo's here in Memphis and awards were given out.  Here are some photos from tonight's event.  Coming soon: Behind the scenes images!

Well, we won!!  Next stop: New Orleans and representing Memphis!

Tonight's Crowd

Bill shows off the Best Special Effects Award!

Best Directing to Ed Griffith and Rodney Rastall!

Best Film?  Yes, thank you!  We'll take it!

The Entire Crew: Paco Suave, Kevin L. Williams, Ed Griffith,
Madame Ovaree, Nora Childers, Brad Alsobrook, Andrew,
Rodney Rastall.

Paco/Kevin, Madame Ovaree/Andrew

Host for the awards ceremony, thanks!
Nora's self-portrait with Paco Suave, "The Spy Who Fleeced Her."  :)