Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Live Life to Its Fullest"

We've all heard the phrase from someone that they are, or that you should, 'live life to its fullest.'  It's such an old phrase that it's more worn out than it should be, leaving me to wonder why someone didn't live life to its fullest and come up with something better than that to say?

And, why?  Well, a few reasons, especially when I see it listed as a statement rather than a description of what someone is doing.  For example, of someone posts, "Living life to its fullest" then we get that they are indeed living life to its fullest themselves.  In that case, way to go and be doing your thing!  But, someone may post "live life to its fullest" that someone else should take their advice and do it--it's no longer a statement but a command. 

And it is a good command.

Walt Disney once said, "I can't believe there are any heights that can't be reached by man who knows the secret of making dreams come true."  Similarly, from his camp, Jiminy Cricket sang, "When you wish upon a star," while Kermit the Frog (nowadays a part of the Disney family) said that "someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me."  All because someone chose to live life to its fullest--they made a plan, set a goal, and chased that dream to make it a reality.

So, what does this mean to us?  Well, in anything we do we should maintain a goal that we have set and work at it to make it happen.  Sometimes, that plan stands for whatever work or classes you're doing -- do the best you can, strive to do the greatest possible work you can do, make others around you feel inspired and positive so they will do it as well, and set your goal to create an atmosphere with your work that is enjoyable, inspiring, and successful (because, it will be successful the more positive that atmosphere is).

When it comes to your work, make your work fantastic!  Keep an attitude about yourself that lets folks know you're proud of what you do and where you are--if you're waiting cars at the fast food joint or stocking rolls at the grocery store or president of the largest company in the world: your attitude is what makes you a success!  If you're happy, the staff is happy; if the staff is happy, you're successful.  And who doesn't like being successful? 

And as far as your dreams, the atmosphere you create for yourself in your work can be brought home to your dreams.  If you have a negative, defeated attitude others will pick up on that and not follow you (the world is negative enough without folks feeling that you are negative about what you are doing).  Don't let things stand in your way!  Do what you need to do to make it happen, be proud of what you're doing and do it the greatest way you possibly can.  Jim Henson once said something to the effect of "there is nothing holding you back but you."  Don't let a defeatest attitude hold you back!  Chin up, chest out, you have done the best work you can do and now push it forward for the world to see.

To me, living life to its fullest comes with the terrain of doing the very best you can in your work, in your hobbies, in your life with friends and family.  You can lay down without a plan or a goal to let things fall into place and achieve nothing; or, you can set those goals for yourself and acheive greatness.

For you, and from my heart, I'm willing to bet on greatness for you.  You're a fantastic person and you deserve the best.  And the best will be yours because you will live life to its fullest!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

MAW Productions Announces The Comic Studio




Contact Persons for The Comic Studio:
Martheus A. Wade

September 5, 2012

Indy comic book creator, Martheus Wade, creator of the hit graphic novel series Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa and Turra: Gun Angel and art director for MAW Productions Studios, is proud to announce the formation of The Comic Studio, a series of classes that specialize in the art of comic book and graphic novel creation.

The Comic Studio will be art classes with a comic book twist. The classes take an innovative approach to creative design that combines fine art, writing and graphic design skills and team them with goal setting techniques that will empower students to see projects through to completion. Courses will cover everything from photoshop techniques, to illustration techniques, to writing all from the perspective of comic book and graphic novel creation. "I've always wanted to give back to the Memphis area," Martheus said. "The idea for the Comic Studio began when I taught comic illustration in the penitentiary system. There were some extremely talented individuals there that could have contributed so much to the art world if someone would have reached them early and helped develop their talent. I want to find that child before it's too late." Thanks to fellow artist and prolific painter, Adam Shaw, classes will start at his studio in November at 2547 Broad Ave, Memphis TN. "The revitalization of Broad Avenue as an arts district fits The Comic Studio perfectly," said Martheus. "It's the perfect place to open minds to the arts and the power of the graphic medium."

Classes start in November and will meet Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. More information on times will be available in the coming weeks. Anyone interested in enrollment should contact Martheus Wade at or join our facebook page, keyword: The Comic Studio. Free art tutorials are also available online at

Martheus Antone Wade

Optioned for motion picture, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa was created in 1985 by Martheus Antone Wade, a graduate of the University of Memphis. Martheus’ love for martial arts, along with his talent as a graphic artist, was a natural fit for creating exciting characters and imaginative storylines. He then began his carrier as an intern at Signature Advertising. After completing his internship, Martheus worked as graphic designer. After two years, Martheus struck out on his own as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working with companies such as the Radison Hotel, Trust Marketing, Senior Services, The YWCA, The Girl Scouts Council of the Mid-South, and Special Olympics.

He has illustrated for Maximum CNG, Bloodstream for Image Comics, Shooting Star Comics, Chaos Campus for Approbation Comics and Andrew Dabb’s Slices just to name a few. Recently, he has worked on such titles as Action Man and Nanovor for IDW, Bad Girls Club for the Oxygen Network, and illustrated, wrote, and produced a comic book crossover with his title character, Jetta, and William Tucci’s, Shi. His work has been used for the movie Role Models from Universal Pictures as well as the instructional DVD and book, Hi-Fi Digital Color for Comics available from IMPACT Publishing.

Visit to see more of his work and artistic process, as well as tutorials for cartooning!

You can also learn more about Kunoichi Hime, the new title chronicling the life of Shianndrea Toshigawa before she became "Jetta."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Into the Sunset...

Sadly, we lament the news that Hostess snack foods are closing.  Not sure how this effects the Wonder Bread company; but, 300 people in our hometown are losing their jobs after going on strike and the company folded.  No more Twinkies, Suzy-Q's, Fruit Pies, Cupcakes, King Dons, Snowballs...

We're very saddened by this because now all we have are delicious Little Debbies.  Sweet, sweet Little Debbies.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention 2012 Photos

You can click the image below to see more images from the convention.

Tom Kenny (Spongebob), SuperMule and Kevin.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Memphis Comics & Fantasy Convention - Nov. 2012

Guess who's flying in to the Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention to save us all? 
Yep, we're in trouble...

Click here to see the full schedule of events.
It's crunch time, folks!  You don't want to miss this great event!  Entry is extremely reasonable.
Pre-sales are barely extended, but get your tickets now!

Saturday evening at 6pm, catch Muley the Mule and Friends as they reprise their roles in "SuperMule and the Cookie Caper" at this year's Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention which is fast approaching on November 9 - 11, 2012, at the Memphis Hilton hotel.  See all the guests by clicking here.

Also in attendance will be Martheus and Janet Wade of MAW Productions' "Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa" graphic novel series, also helping-hands in the "SuperMule" show, along with fine artist and fashion designer DaMarco Randle.

Martheus Wade will also be participating with the 'Geek 101' classes teaching a great cartooning class.  What will it be?  Get involved to find out!  (Don't forget the MAW Productions' course "The Comic Studio" coming soon!)  Wish you could go to Geek 101 and learn about creating from Martheus Wade?  Well, he's making the information avaialble at the MAW Productions' booth!  Come by and visit, learn, and see the new great swag.  Here's what he said:
November 9 - 11, MAW Productions will attending the Memphis Comics and Fantasy Convention at the Hilton! Stop by our both in artist alley and see me explain my process for creation. The same process that I will be sharing with the students of the Comic Studio! We will also have TONS of new art for sale as well as our first print promoting our new web series Kunoichi Hime!!

As an added bonus, I will be taking place in the GEEK 101 classes! Teachers, don't miss your opportunity to sign your class up for the coolest field trip in the Mid South. "GEEK 101"! I will be holding special courses on Friday showing you how to create your very own comic book character while demonstrating the collaborative effort needed for the comic book industry!

Hope to see you guys there!!

Don't forget to arrive early for a Friday night, 8pm, viewing of "The Red Mullet" documentary, produced by Andrew Chandler, chronicling the life of an unsung superhero.  After the viewing you can meet The Red Mullet at a panel discussion featuring SuperMule (who has a cameo in the movie), and maybe a few other surprises!

You can also meet our friends in the Artists' Alley, find great pickings in the Dealer Room, and meet one of our favorite voice actors: Tom Kenny! That's right, the voice behind Spongebob Squarepants will be in attendance!

This is the third year for the convention, and each year it only gets better and better, so this promises to be a great weekend of fun and hilarity.

Haven't made your reservations yet?  Well, now you can!  Click here.
Get your tickets by clicking here.

Other Muley news that's kicking up:
Muley and Kevin attended the Southeastern Chapter of the National Cartoonists' Society's fall meeting.  It was a TON of fun!  You can see photos of the event by clicking here.

Muley's NEXT kids' message at First Congo will be November 25th!  Come out and see what all the hooplah is about.