Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Frog Fest Photos

Here are photos from the 2014 Leland Frog Fest for your entertainment pleasures!

The busy arts tents!

Touch a Truck!  You could run sirens and horns.

Race cars.

Bounce House with a slide in it, and a small obstacle course.

More art tents fun!

Kevin teaches Delta State University instructor and students
the joy of folded paper puppets.

Folded paper puppets of Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster.

Muley hosts the kids' costume contest.

Muley hosts the kids' costume contest.

Muley hosts the kids' costume contest.

Muley hosts the kids' costume contest.

Lazy River Band - 15 year reunion!

The Great Pumpkin Kermit.

Deer Creek from the Rainbow Connection Bridge.

Busy street vendors!  Packed with folks!

Breaking Grass blue grass band.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Frog Fest - October 25th

A fun time as always in a great town located in the Mississippi Delta!  Birthplace of Kermit the Frog and boyhood home of Jim Henson, Leland, MS, has been a home away from home for Muley the Mule and Friends since Frog Fest began.

Many years ago, we made our first trip down to get photos of a Kermit prop replica, and have been back many times since!

Check out the official poster and our schedule poster below, and come down to visit us. 

And don't forget to give your face a taste of delicious vacation and visit Vince's before you leave town!  Our choice of fine dining!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Frog Fest and Final 2014 Kids' Messages


The final three 2014 Kids' Messages will be delivered at First Congo on the dates below.  Come see what Muley will discuss in his mulish fashion.

October 5, there will be a blessing of the bikes!  Muley will discuss what bikes have to do with taking care of the body as a temple for our soul, and how bikes bless us back.  I think he's even wearing biking gear--that'll be interesting...

October 5
November 9
December 7

Photo by Roger Courts, Muley talks to the kids and adults of First Congo!


Leland, MS, Frog Fest is going to be held on October 25th celebrating the life of our hero, Jim Henson, who was raised to boyhood there in the Mississippi Delta!  Hopefully, you can come down for the arts and crafts and have great fun.  And, no, frog's legs are NOT on the menu.  In fact, we hope they're outlawed in Kermit the Frog's hometown!

Buford the Dog, Roy Duck, Muley the Mule and Missy Mule in Leland, 2011.