Thursday, June 23, 2011

Muley in Cape Con (Yep, he's bringing some Jetta, too)!

You can find Muley the Mule this weekend at Cape Con, the 6th annual convention in Cape Girardeau, MO.  Held at the Osage Centre located at 1625 N Kingshighway Street, this year's convention promises to be chock full of fun!

First on the card (because we're biased) you'll find Muley the Mule, yukkin' it up with folks as they stop by his table for a visit.  He'll be promoting his stuff, but also have on hand copies of MAW Productions' "Jetta-Shi: Arrow of Destiny" cross-over book that was written and drawn by Martheus Wade with covers by Billy Tucci who just so happens to be a guest at this year's Cape Con!

Find out more about meeting Memphis artists, other guests and directions, tickets and more by visiting the official Cape Con website by clicking on the logo below!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Superman Celebration 2011

We're all very happy around here to be heading into Metropolis, IL, for the Superman Celebration!  There, you'll find lots of great folks--guests, visitors, hometown folk--and we always say that "if you go to Metropolis and don't leave having made one new friend, then you didn't do something right."  We've always made new friends, and are always glad to see and visit with our old friends.

In the meantime, SuperMule sez:

Now, you can see the whole schedule of events by clicking here.

Friday at 2:30, you'll be able to see Muley's Talent Revue during the show which features performances by all the characters of "Muley's Comix and Stories" and the extended MuleyVerse--all assisted by MAW Productions' Martheus and Janet Wade, our very cool and artsy pal DaMarco Randle, and Kevin L. Williams--whoever he is.

MAW Productions' Martheus Wade and Andrew Chandler will be teaching cartooning classes.  Muley will be helping emcee the Kids' Costume Contest at 4 pm on Friday as well.  Then, all weekend long, you can find characters and art at the booth, including meet and greet with Jetta and Turra from "Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa" and "Turra: Gun Angel - Bombs and Betrayal."

Don't forget, if you bring a receipt showing that you donated to the family of Jake Black to help pay for bills associated with his cancer treatment, you get a free Muley sketch!

So, we hope to see you around.