Monday, June 26, 2017

Muley's June 18, 2017 Kids' Message

As is well-known, we attend First Congregational Church on Sunday mornings with a Meet-n-greet session in the Commons area with snacks and coffee starting at 10:00 am.  Services begin at 10:30 am.  One of the first things that drew us to the church was the beautiful performances of the choir.  Before continuing, CLICK HERE to hear "The Ground" from Sunrise Mass (video added by Mark Ratay, leader of the Cafe Congo which feeds 500 people each week {donate here}).  It's beautiful, and sounded even more beautiful in person.  Come hear them.  And will sound great while reading this.

So, as the church anthem begins, our own right-hand man to Roy Duck, DaMarco Randle, makes his way to light the worship candle.

Photo by Mark Ratay.

Followed by Muley's presentation.  His message follows (it changed a little bit during the presentation).

Photo by Mark Ratay. Julia Hicks wrote in "The Congo Beat" newsletter: "Muley never
fails to captivate during the Children's Sermon!  Thanks to Kevin Williams for his
talent and commitment to our children's ministries."
Good morning, Friends!  Today is one of my favorite times ever, and that’s when I get to be here, and I get to see all your faces.  Yup, looks pretty much like all our friends are here.  And some new friends.  Hi, new friends.  And some really OLD friends.  Hi, old friends.   
So, friends.  Let’s talk about friends!  Not the TV show, that was so 90’s! I mean real friends.  The people we see, talk to, e-mail, and that we love very much.  Friends will help you when you need them, friends will watch after you, and sometimes friends can be closer than even family members.  And some family members can be your closest friends!  Friends love you unconditionally AND friends are fun and funny.  You can play jokes on each other and not get mad. Friends are people you can share things with, like food, toys, probably not clothes, but you get the idea.  Friends are truly a treasure.  At least to me.  I have a friend who’s a dog, a duck, a cow, my cousins are also my friends and that’s a donkey and a horse; but, I also have human friends.  I consider you all my friends, too.  Do you all have friends?
Oh, have you ever had a friend that moved away?  That’s always the saddest.  I’ve had one of my friends move away and we couldn’t see each other or hang out anymore, but we can e-mail, write letters, and talk on the phone.  That’s always a good way to keep in touch.  I once heard some people talking and they said that you can always tell your very best friends.  They’re the ones that you can be away from a long time and when you do finally get together again, it’s just like old times!  Which, for us, “old times” is more like a few weeks ago, right? 
Well, we’re in a season of Pentecost, and it’s that period of time after the crucifixion and all, and Cleopas and a friend are walking away from Jerusalem.  Now, Jesus had 12 disciples, right?  Well, he had more than just 12.  He had a lot of followers who were also disciples and Jesus sent them out into the world also.  And of those other follower-disciples, here comes Cleopas and his friend, walking away from Jerusalem, and they were very sad.  They met up with a stranger and had to explain everything that just happened, and the stranger began to tell them how all the prophets through time gave news and the bible says that the stranger “interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures.”  Hmm. “things about himself?”  He stayed the night with them, and at dinner he took a piece of bread and broke it and gave it to them, and then they realized that the stranger was Jesus! 
I wonder if Jesus is sometimes on the sidelines of the disciples’ activities, and then just jumps out all of a sudden and says, “Ta-daa!  It’s me! Jesus!”  That would be fun!But, Jesus let Himself be known when he broke bread over dinner.  Still, He was their friend and they didn’t recognize Him at first.  Kinda makes me wonder.  I wonder when I’ve been out and about and didn’t realize it, but do you think Jesus could show up to us even now?  Have we met Him and never known it?  The man on the corner asking for food?  The cold child who needs a jacket? The little old lady who needs the door open for her?  Jesus is everywhere! 
I think Jesus is always with us, and is even in this room right now.  Jesus is always with us, and is always right here…in our hearts.  We show others love, compassion, and fair treatment, and that’s what Jesus wants.  That’s what Jesus wants for us and from us, because Jesus loves you, and so does your pal Muley, and I’ll see you real soon!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Muley in Black and White

There's a couple of references here, wondering if you will see them; but, I'll share below.  This has been drawn to run with a newsletter from ACME Classics TV.
If you saw our show "Millionaire Magazines" on ACME Classics, you will notice the ball thrown into Jonathan's head at the end of the show; but, also from the table when the boys are doing art there are 3 drawings, the Bug toy (what other reference does this toy make?), and their box of crayons.  And, as always, Missy Mule is stalking Muley from outside the window.

Another 'inside' joke we have in the MuleyVerse is that dogs are supposedly color blind; but, we always let Buford the Dog make references to color.  Indeed, they're watching a good old movie ACME Classics TV.

In black and white.


I was once asked why our puppet shows use old music, or why the comics or props are always "old" items.  Well, "everything old is new again," meaning that modernized telephones, televisions, radios--the designs are SO BORING!  This comic strip wouldn't have the same effect if it were a new LED Flat Screen TV.  Just another insight from our MuleyVerse!