Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 2009 Christmas Whine

After e-mails and the video by our friend Bog Frogsby, Muley was inspired to make a little video about his broke arm. Granted, he's lucky it was his arm and not his back since it was my arm that was broken (think about it).

So, why do I say "Happy Holidaze, But Merry Christmas"? Well, to be politically correct, I suppose it's proper to say "Happy Holidays," or as we say 'HoliDAZE,' so by saying that you don't leave anyone out regardless their religion, or even the non-religious who celebrate the season with peace and love. For me, though, it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only religious icon who raised from the dead and lives today. So, what else does that have to do with Christmas? Well, we give gifts and there is no greater gift than salvation. If nothing here makes sense, give it a look-see online about the reason for the season.

Special thanks to Martheus Wade for 'handling' Mule-duty for the video, and to Lin Workman for bringing Muley down so this one armed man could reach him.

Special thanks to well-wishers: with whom I frequently partner. for the tribute video.

Next up: Photos from Muley's visit to the RMH.

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DoobieMcDonald said...

DIG THAT! We should collaborate sometime. Do you have a Youtube channel? We must do a crossover video...BAY-beh!