Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Season's Greetings Card by Muley the Mule

Tune in to the site on December 25th to see what Muley made for you tonight.

Muley drew this year's card:

From my co-horts at MAW Productions:


Edna said...

Hi Kevin,

So sorry to hear you have a broken arm, hope it heals quickly so you can draw again. I love the drawing you did for me w/Muley on top of dog house it is henging right in front of me in my office.

Merry Christmas and all best wishes for a Happy, Healthy 2010.

Your friend, Edna said...

Thanks, Edna, for the well wishes! Very good to hear from you and to know you appreciate the drawing. Please keep well, safe and happy! When my frinds are well-taken care of then I am happy!!

SP said...

Here's to a quick and healthy recovery, Kevin. Get better soon, and I hope you have a fantastic New Year.