Monday, December 7, 2009

Mississippi RiverKEV

This is pretty short notice:

Kevin L. Williams is "assisting" the Mississippi Riverkings' mascot, Riverthing, in the December 7 Holiday Parade in Hernando, MS.

On Saturday, December 12, the same character will be 'assisted' during the night's Riverkings Hockey Game.

Everyone knows how much I hate sports, but they also know how much I love hockey!! It's the best thing going in the world of sports, so if you haven't been to a hockey game yet, you should go.

You might also remember that for several years I drew their mascot clip-art and kids' club comic strips of Riverthing and Sheldon, and Riverthing has always been the crazier of the two--thus my favorite!

For more information about the Riverkings and to see their game schedule, please visit their link by clicking on the Riverthing sketch.

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