Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Redbirds, Ask Muley, Nashville, and Jetta


Indy Planet was down for a little while, but you can now get to the comic book and buy your own issue while supplies last! The current issue is scheduled for an overhaul and the second edition print of issue one will have some comic strips replaced with Muley and the Gang ONLY strips! So, get it before it's gone!


Muley the Mule and Jetta appeared August 27 at the Memphis Redbirds Game. Be sure to check out pictures by clicking on the one below!

In this photo: DaMarco Randle, Kevin L. Williams, Muley, Jetta (Sara Freitas), and Martheus Wade.


Now, you can post your questions to Muley and he will be responding to them all by video soon. Click on his Mule on the Street logo below.

Mule on the Street logo by Lin Workman.

You can find Muley, Jetta, and their teams at the Nashville Comic Con on September 25 and 26!

Speaking of Jetta: Kevin Wiliams is the editor of the graphic novel series: Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa. Coming soon is the book Full Circle; but, first, check out the Last Chances graphic novel now appearing for the firs time in full color at the Web Comics section of Toshigawa.com.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Muley and Jetta at the Memphis Redbirds TONIGHT!

Don't forget to come out to the Memphis Redbirds game tonight to meet Jetta and Muley in person! Game begins at 7:05 pm, so show up early. You can also meet the team from Muley's shows as well as MAW Productions!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is Muley on Facebook? Final Tiki Update.

Yes!! Click the image to visit!

The final updates for Screaming Tiki Con trip is in the albums below. You can see our nights in Buffalo, NY, and day in Niagara Falls, as well as the visit to Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, KY, by clicking on the albums below!

Photos by Kevin L. Williams and DaMarco Randle

Friday, August 20, 2010

IndyPlanet Is Down

If you hoped to get Muley's Comix and Stories #1, give it about a week. The website that sells the book is down for over-hauling. I'll post when it's up again.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 5 - Two-Fur-One

Yes, folks, this time we give you a two-fer because time is tight these days and we've got a few more updates to share about the trip further north to Buffalo and Niagara Falls after this.

Chapter 5.A - Muley's Tiki Con Talent Revue

The audience gathered patiently awaiting the big show. All ages, types of fans and pirates were on hand to view the program.

Above is the cover for the official coloring book of the show featuring all your Muley Comix favorites as you'll see below. First, there was pre-show visits with Sebastian Frog and his personal assistant Zachary Haumesser. If you're in the Buffalo, NY, area, be sure to pay attention to the local theater events because Zach and his friends are some of the best theater performers around!!

The stage "hands" get prepared to assist the show's performers! Here, Martheus Wade looks over his shoulder to be sure that Santa Fish isn't anywhere near, while Janet Wade studies the show's set list.

On the sidelines, others watched and wished they were part of the show...

Muley the Mule and Buford the Dog started the show off with a little scat routine based on Cab Calloway's "Everybody Eats (When The Come to My House)." It was a good show opening until Missy Mule arrived on the scene and challenged the guys to a sing-off. Buford immediately ran backstage to tell Roy Duck about the sing-off, and Muley introduced the first act.

All the way from TransylVegas (TM) was Old New Eyes himself, Frankie Steinatra! With a rousing rendition of "That's Life," Fankie thrilled the audience.

Next up was everyone's favorite Christmas icon, Santa Fish! Performing a duet with his dinner, "Wild Thing" was the evening's course...and the audience was freaked out as usual.

Shortly afterward, Muley introduced the TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer who gave the audience a new sound with The Gilligan's Island Theme Song. It was unlike anything we've ever heard before.

Next up, Buford introduced a comedy monologue to keep the audience alive: DEATH!

The hilarity continued as Muley, Buford and Roy Duck appeared singing the old favorite "Man of Constant Sorrow!"

Clearly, they had to work hard because the final act of the evening was the girls with Missy Mule singing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." She was front-and-center as always backed by Pascha Dog and Bernetta Duck.

Finally, the judge (a special thanks to Steve "The Cake" Stanley) passed along the pre-chosen winner who turned out to be___?____ Well, you should've been there.

A closing number included the TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer as all performed the closing theme to Gilligan's Island.

Some of the audience who watched the show:

During the closing, each performer stood with their assisted characters for the applause. Here is Kevin with Buford, Muley and Missy.

A special thanks to our stage sponsors, Gift Baskets and Etc.!! Click the pic below to visit 'em.

After the show, there were some posing for photo ops...

and then back to the MAW Productions booth where the performers and characters were greeted by the audience members.

Chapter 5.B - The Stars!

Muley, DaMarco Randle and Kevin L. Williams got to visit with the stars of the weekend. Let's see who you know! Can you guess who this super guy is?

Aaron Smolinski, who performed Baby Superman in the first Superman Movie starring Christopher Reeve. What about this fellow? Think in a "flash!"

That's right! John Wesley Shipp who starred in TV's The Flash!

This guy has been seen on Saturday Mornings since forever--he's a Smurf, a Transformer, in GI Joe...it's Michael Bell!

You know I love Star Wars, and you know I love the "official" Star Wars "Muppet" Yoda, and if he isn't voiced by Frank Oz, he needs to be voiced by Tom Kane--and he is!

"These aren't the droids we're looking for." Neither are these the human and mule you want; but, we got to meet Anthony Forrest!

So, stay 'tooned for the next update when we get hot wings, hit the falls, and find the Lost River Cave on our way home.

Special thanks to DaMarco Randle for the photos, along with Jamie Reigle and Josh Packard. A very VERY special thanks to the show's performers Martheus Wade, Janet Wade, and DaMarco Randle, and to Steve Stanley for playing soundman and the role of "The Judge."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 4 - Slap-Happy Saturday

Saturday found us having lots more fun around the convention! In particular, there was a technical presentation for the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa Defiance movie featuring Alex "Kim" Benjamin (not seen here), Bruce "Producer" Williams, Michelle "Jetta" Laurent, and Calvin "Director of Photography" Roberts on the screen. At the table is your's truly, Kevin L. Williams (Editor), Martheus Wade (Creator, Writer, Artist) and Janet Wade (Writer, Inker).

We were very pleased to discuss the graphic novels, the movie, and finally get one-on-one time with the stars and folks behind the film. It was also exciting to visit with Calvin Roberts as we're all Star Wars fans and he was Director of Photography for several of the films!

You can see the panel discussions in three parts online thanks to Wolfe Pack Entertainment:
Jetta Defiance Movie Panel Part 1
Jetta Defiance Movie Panel Part 2
Jetta Defiance Movie Panel Part 3

The Jetta Crew also did a convention re-cap at the official website www.toshigawa.com.

Then, it was on to costumes. Well, maybe not costumes per se; but, there were plenty of Pirates roaming around Niles, OH--all on their best behavior. There wasn't a scurvy lad in in the lot! Except maybe DaMarco! It's the only reason I can figure a pirate might sneer at him like that.

Friday also found Sebastian Frog and Muley hopping or clopping around the convention goofing with guests, taking photos, and just having fun. Here, they are seen with their lesser halves Zachary Haumesser and Kevin Williams.

Group shot! Kevin, Muley, Zach and DaMarco after a full day of fun at Screaming Tiki Con!

But, the fun wasn't over yet! There was a superhero super-star in our midst! That's right, good ol' DW! Apparently, Darkwing Duck found his way to Niles, OH, because there were some evil things afoot (namely the feet of one of the con-goers). But, alas! No evil scented feet were to avail that day, I tell you.

I suppose the funniest part was that Darkwing Duck came in the 1960's Batcopter! I guess Launchpad was on vacation that weekend?

Well, a full day of work and then it's time to eat! Everyone, guests and fans, attended the Yamato restaurant. A neat Japanese cuisine place where they cook all the food up right in front of you! Here, my ol' buddy Zach and I proudly pose with the menu of the night's tummy-goodness.

At our table was: Back row: DaMarco Randle, Fatty Fat Boom Boom, Zachary Haumesser, and Aaron Smolinski (Baby Superman in the first film with Christopher Reeve). Front Row: Janet and Martheus Wade and another artist extraordinaire Steve "The Cake" Stanley.

At this table you can find Adam Wolfe of Wolfe Pack Entertainment and Jaimie Reigle of www.supercollectibles.com.

More of our bunch!

Tom Kane (voice actor) and Peter Smith (Tiki Con President) are at this table.

Mark McHaley (artist) and Michael Bell (voice actor) grace this bar.

Stay 'tooned for more updates on the event that was so much fun I'm STILL trying to get over it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 3 - Friday Antics

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 3 - Friday Antics

Well, mostly as promised, here are some Screaming Tiki Con Friday Images. The event was held in Niles, OH, at the Eastwood Expo Center. It was a huge space (air conditioned, thank goodness!) filled with television stars, movie stars, comics artists, vendors, food, and a mule.

The event was well advertised on local TV, radio, newspapers...and (as you can see) signage!

Martheus and I visit with Jamie Reigle about the convention, his website www.supercollectibles.com and all the trouble--erm, FUN--we might get into over the weekend.

TA-DAA! Janet shows off the MAW Productions display wall.

Here, we are watching Martheus' crazy antics. Such things happen so fast that the camera can never catch it. He's a humor ninja!

Outside the convention, Sebastian Frog, Zach Haumesser, Muley, me, Martheus and Janet Wade and DaMarco Randle all pose for the camera! That poor camera--the last thing it ever did.

That night, we hit the HomeTown Buffet--GREAT PRICES! All you can eat home-cooked-flavored food! YUM! And, I did eat all I could eat.

Apparently, so did Martheus.

The convention was well-attended by everyone, including the Griswolds! (If you don't know who the Griswolds are, you're missing out). Marco poses with their vehicle. But, I think they forgot to take the dog off the leash--see below...

Next update: Costumes and the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa panels. And soon, movie stars and the Muley Show!

In other news:


You can now visit Kevin or Muley on Facebook. Look under the Mu-Links to the right and click away!

Parasailing donkey to fly no more, enjoy good life

I also just learned about Dominick the Christmas Donkey!