Thursday, February 25, 2010

Different Things for Today's Update

Well, the ol' arm is weak--I can barely push staples through paper whereas it used to be nothing. I have a long way to go to full recovery, I think, as even trying to perform a puppet wore my arm and hand out quick. It's amazing how bad a broken arm can effect you in strength and pain! I have to make my e-mails and posts a little at a time because it becomes painful. Still, here are some good things to look at and check out and hopefully have some fun with!


A documentary about Papa Roy is showing at the 2010 Gatlinburg Screenfest Film Festival. Showtimes are shown in the image below, as well as a trailer for the film below. I plan to be there at least Saturday along with Muley.

This is my arm in the cast one last time before it is removed. I sit waiting and nervous, ready to have it removed. I was happy to be rid of this thing.

Here is a picture of the saw with the vaccuum unit attached to it which pulls away the dust as the cast is sawed off. The nurse who too off the full-arm cast came in with a younger nurse whose first time to remove a cast would be on my arm! I agreed. I was glad to be her first time.

This is gross: My hand right after having been cut out of the cast. There is still a crusty batch of dead skin on my hand in this image. Needless to say, after I washed away the month of dry skin and scraped away the crust from my palm, I had such a sensitive touch and the skin was really soft. The other weird thing is that now there is more hair on my right arm than on my left arm (maybe I should wear a cast on my scalp for 2 months?).

The arm with the nurses behind me that cut me out of that arm-shell!

I thought I would be ready to draw as soon as I got out of the cast, but not so. The first really good Muley I would draw would be on a napkin on February 20th at the Crazy Canook (sp?) in Downtown Memphis after dinner with my pal Angie Freeman in celebration of having graduated last December. I signed it and gave it to her.

Unfortunately, they had to slice through Batman's head!

My ol' buddy Antone had a birthday on February 19th and with only about an hour to spare, my roomie DaMarco painted Jetta on the birthday cake he'd cooked. He actually painted it in under an hour! Happy Birthday to Antone!

Well, these balloons were actually blown up for the aforementioned birthday party; but, Casper was curious about these things. Now, we know that this was the first time he's had an opportunity to see balloons and as I watched him, his reactions to the balloons were hilarious to me. Here are a few of his reactions:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cast Comes Off Tomorrow!

Down below is a video message from Muley:

This is the last night my arm is in a shell, and then a little while as the bone finishes mending and I get my wrist back in shape again.

Here is some more art from my cast which comes off tomorrow:

Batman by Martheus Wade

Muley Rocks On! by Janet Wade

RiverThing on Ice by Lin Workman

Flaming Skull by Matt Ryan

And now, a special message from Muley:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lotsa Things


No, I didn't watch the tape. Well, not all of it, but the cast comes off in seven days!! I cannot wait to draw again!


A group has tried to accuse Abby Cadaver...uh, Cadabby...of being evil for practicing magic. I mean, she is a fairy from fairy tale school. I didn't see anything about Mickey Mouse being evil, after all he is the sorcerer's apprentice. Smurfs made from magic and whose patriarch is a magician, or even David Copperfield. What about all those characters being magical? Evil? Sometimes humans are ridiculous. Click on Evil Abby to read more.


Everyone knows that I love chocolate! The more rich and dark it is the better, especially when they are chips in a cookie! YUM! That's why I get sick when I see it abused, like being painted on a face. Still, click the image and read about chocolate facials and GOOD uses for chocolate.


One of my favorite Muppeteers has put down the puppets and picked up his guitar to record his own first cd not in character voices, backed in some songs by his fellow performers. It is available online for purchase by clicking on the cd image below, painted by his wife Jan. The music is folkish and wonderful, smooth and comfortable. I recommend it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Cast on Family Guy


The depth of the snowfall this morning can be seen on the roof of my neighbor's house.

Well, in 9 days the cast comes off!! Two months having been stripped of my art and puppetry has been too much. I apprciate all the prayers and need many more because even when the cast is gone I will have a ton of healing left to do.
In June, at Screaming Tiki Con, there is going to be (not only a Jetta Look-a-like conest, but) a Muley the Mule and Friends live stage performance. It will co-star Martheus and Janet Wade and debut a bunch of new characters never performed anywhere, plus a special first-ever live appearance by Santa Fish.
All this to say that I need some quick healing before then and I hope it happens.
So, on the 17th the cast comes off. I'll have my sketchbook with me when I go to have the cast removed so I can do a good right-handed drawing!! I've drawn a left-handed Muley, and a right-handed Muley while wearing the cast. It'll be nice to draw right-handed, however weak my hand may be. I don't know how many folks have been stripped of doing something you loved doing, but the past two months have been heck not being able to be creative. I hope no one has to suffer such a thing as this.
In the meantime, my roomie, DaMarco painted his favorite character from The Family Guy, Stewie Griffin, on my cast.

The original drawing and Photoshopping I did had an earthly background, but needed to more otherworldly. Zeke is from the novels Westworld by our friend Ed Crandell.

Donate to this Better Business Bureau accredited charity by clicking on the banner below.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Casper, just because.

This is my cat, to whom I'm terribly allergic. I've no reason to post it other than he looks at me the same way everyone looks at me: "What?" or "What do you want?"