Thursday, January 16, 2020

Muley's Birthday 2020

20 + 20 = 40.
1980 - 2020 is 40 years.
Muley is still 6 years old, and on January 1st we celebrated his 40th 6th birthday.
Or, his 6th birthday for the 40th time.

We don't do well with math, you do the work.
We're going to enjoy some cookies.
You enjoy the video.

Thanks for sticking around with us and keeping us inspired for all these years!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy Birthday, Muley! 40 Years Young!!

Back in 1979, I created a dumb looking dog, and then let it start walking up-right.  There were two or three drawings for this dog - a buddy to an idiot dog named Spike.  At my Papa Roy and Granny Ethel's house over New Year's Eve leading into 1980, I pulled out my drawing paper, and drew the character, showed it to Papa Roy who said, "Well, he's Muley lookin', ain't he?"

Wait!  You mean, it's a 'mule' and NOT a dog?  Okay then.

Because this character got Papa and Granny's attention over the other drawings I showed that day, I decided this mule would become MY character, and I named him Muley the Mule, a perpetual 6-year-old (my age when I first drew him s a dog).  Then, I decided it was time to create a collection of characters and to do artwork and comic strips.

This is the earliest Muley art in my collection now: January 1, 1980
Over the years, he's appeared in comic strips, comic books, newspapers, online, and appeared in other publications of his friends and associations, either as a cameo or a background image.

Today, here's how his friends celebrate!  Around a table, snacking, and singing...

click to see larger

Happy New Year 2020

There are so many nay-sayers in the world - it's become far easier to complain than to appreciate.  Some people are writing online that they are doomed for 2020 even before the new year struck at midnight. 

Forget resolutions, but plan on what you can do to bring light, love, and happiness to - not only those around you - but also to yourself.  Find your happiness, find the positive people who bring good energy to your life and keep them close.

You are responsible for the joy in your life, nobody else.  So, with the new year looming over you, ask yourself this:

What do you want from it?
Your ruination, or love, light, and joy?

When you realize that negativity has no hold on you, then you can truly have a Happy New Year!