Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Jan-Jun Children's Message Schedule

We hope you'll come visit First Congo on any Sunday for great people, music, services, and more.  There are tons of volunteer opportunities to participate in that can help you and others.  There is a fair trade store to buy gifts for good prices that pay fair wages to the crafters of the products.  Organizations to meet and participate with.  More!

As a part of this church, Muley is very happy to participate with the kids' messages.  Following is his schedule through June 2015!  Please come out to visit.

10AM - You can visit members and learn about the church at the Cafe Congo.
10:30AM - services begin.

January 25-Kevin and Muley
February 8-Kevin and Muley
March 15-Kevin and Muley
April 12-Kevin and Muley
May10-Kevin and Muley
June 7-Kevin and Muley
June 21-Kevin and Muley

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Videos Through History

Okay, so, not a long history of it.  Several years ago we were late on sending a Christmas Card out to folks, so we set up a camera and recorded Muley and Kevin to make that Christmas Wish.

It had to be followed by our New Year's Day message (to make a drawn-out joke work):

Lame, silly joke.   I know, but otherwise it wouldn't be a Muley joke, right?

But, then, Muley found a magic book in which we borrowed (what we thought was) a Santa's Helper for a quick cameo:

However, it was then our discovery that we didn't get an official Santa, but closer.  Somewhat of a cousin, but we were still not sure exactly who--or WHAT--we had, until this happened...

That's right, it was the moment of discovery of the dreaded SantaFish!!  You can learn more about SantaFish in his o-fish-al biography by clicking here.

In 2008, we had a video where Muley wrote a letter to Santa Claus; but, his letter went, as all letters by naughty boys and girls go, to SantaFish!  Here's what happened, followed by out-takes and alternate shots.

In 2009, Muley broke his arm.  How'd that go for Christmas?

It went thataway.  Yep, in 2009, there was a Christmas whine.  But, in 2010, there were people whining that Muley ruined a perfectly good song.  C'mon, folks: he's 6 years old with a camera and a karaoke tape, give him some credit!

Then there was the time he and his buddy Roy Duck performed "Little Drummer Boy" from their school play.  They done okay!

And that is the long, drawn-out history of Muley's Christmas videos.  Let's see what happens in 2015, shall we?  Could it finally be the long-awaited "Truly Muley Christmas Special?"

Probably not...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Supporting Families Around The World

As you know all too well, Muley loves to talk to the kids and grown-ups at First Congregational Church in Memphis, TN, and as part of that once in a while gets to make an announcement, like he did recently about Heifer International.

First Congo has supported Food Justice for a long time including a Food Pantry open to the needy three times a week, Fishes and Loaves closet which feeds homeless folks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Food for Families once a month feeding over 300 families, and Heifer International which, since 1944, Heifer International has helped over 250 families in 125 countries, including the USA, by offering cows, sheep, geese, bees, goats...everything needed to help sustain life!

Below is the image (taken by Roger Courts) that ran in this week's Congo Beat newsletter and the text to go along with it!  Note the Irish spelling of "Kevin," which is an Irish name.


Click the photo to learn more about Heifer International and donate to them.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's in Black-and-White...

Tonight, I watched a colorized version of the I Love Lucy Christmas Special and just wasn't distracted by the color version at all.  But, in a discussion about it, the note came up by my buddy Joseph that the advertisement said it was colorized for kids of all ages.

Huh?  I grew up on both color and black-and-white TV.  Great characters with personality, great stories, fun entertainment: those are the things that are needed.  Not color.  Kids can enjoy color TV or black-and-white TV.  If it's good TV, they'll like it.

Now, I am reminded about a comic strip I did a LONG Time ago, posted here.  The joke is that it is said that dogs are color blind.  And, it is biographical: I remember watching a show with a friend of mine as a kid and she asked, "Is there a problem with your TV?"

Holy Cow! Erm...Mule...

The year in review for all of Muley's sermons on this, the final day of his message to the kids and their parents at First Congo.  We're working on a publication of his messages from the beginning until now, but in the meantime, here is a photo from November 2014 message taken by Roger Courts, followed by the scriptures that the messages were based upon.

Today's message was about peace.  What can each of us do to change the world for the better?  How can be bring peace to the world?  Individually, we all have to make an effort and change our own hearts and minds and that is where it begins.

January 2014 - Matthew 3:1-12
February 2014 - John 1:1-5
March 2014 (#1) - II Samuel 16:5-14
March 2014 (#2) - Matthew 3:21-28
April 2014 - John 20:19-31
May 2014 - Psalm 66:8-20
June 2014 - Matthew 10:24-39
July 2014 - I Kings 17:8-24
August 2014 - Matthew 18:21-35
September 2014 - Romans 12:1-8
October 2014 - James 2:14-18
November 2014 - I Timothy 6:17-19
December 2014 - Isaiah 2:1-5