Friday, January 10, 2014

Muley and First Congo in Memphis Flyer

You know how Muley loves talking to the kids (and grown-ups) at First Congregational Church, and now you can see his picture as part of a story on The Art of Worship in The Memphis Flyer.  Go grab your copy today through Wednesday 1/15/2014!
Photo by Justin Fox Burks.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Parent's Note - Muley Performs Kids' Message 1/5/2014

Want to see what Muley has to say about Three Wise Men (Matt 2:1-12) and what their coming to see the child Jesus means?  Come to First Congregational Church this Sunday morning at 10 for meet-and-greet and 10:30 for the services.

"So, we come to First Congo and we see the kids' messages and wonder what next?"  Well, there are a few things we always want parents to do whether it's watching one of the kids' messages, one of our videos, one of our live shows, or the upcoming "The Muley and Friends Show" TV program.

We want the parents to sit with their kids, watch and enjoy what we do.  Amid the entertainment, there is a lesson (usually).  We want you to take that lesson and delve into it deeper.  Whether it's about leadership, friendship, helping, or dealing with bullies, or when you're at church and hear one of our messages there, dig deeper and have more conversation with your young ones. 

At church, the messages are based on certain passages in the bible.  You can open those conversations by going further than the reading of the biblical passages at church by discussing the pastors' messages to the congregation, and by likening those messages to life as it pertains to your household.  You can read further than just the passages read at church and finish the whole chapter.

Ask your child questions about the lessons, and allow them to ask you questions.  Seek the answers together.  Jesus is with you all the time, not just two hours on Sundays.  Feel free to keep the lessons going!

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Remaining Schedule:
January 5th:  Kevin and Muley
February 2:  Kevin and Muley
March 2nd:  Kevin and Muley
March 30th:  Kevin and Muley
April 27th:  Kevin and Muley