Saturday, December 19, 2009

(The) Santa Fish: A Biography of the World’s Most Mysterious Holiday Figure

The Character

Not much is really known about the Santa Fish. The main reason is that he really doesn’t say a lot. The other reason is that people are too afraid to ask! So, based on what we DO know, and things we have seen happen, we can make assumptions here. Perhaps one day he’ll take a fish out of his mouth long enough to set the record straight, but in the meantime we will consider this profile as fact.

Santa Fish devours a bass while hard at work.

It is believed, though not confirmed, that Santa Fish, whose ancestors were Nordic fishermen, lives near or on a Louisiana bayou or the coast because of his love for fish. There is a possibility he lives elsewhere and brings tons of fish to him. It is believed that the suspect…um, Santa Fish receives all improperly addressed letters to Santa Claus, or letters from naughty kids to Santa Claus gets forwarded by North Pole elves to Santa Fish who, on Christmas Eve, rises from his supposed cabin by the swamp and flies through the air delivering coal, switches, rocks…and fish…to the bad boys and girls around the world. However, it has been suggested by Holly Springs, MS, attorney, Ima Marune, that (because of Santa Fish’s love of fish) the gift-giving of fish may be a positive thing.

A Santa Fish gift in 2008.

Upon investigating his appearance, we know that Santa Fish is obviously clean by looking at his outfit and, though obese, he must be healthy after eating all that fish. Those who have been near him, Muley for example, or those who have been where he once was (Muley looking at his stocking where Santa Fish was) have reported the stench of fishiness, so while clean he smells bad. We also assume that he gardens as we have seen him wearing gardening gloves the majority of the time.

So, what have we learned here today? Santa Fish is as mysterious now as he ever was, but maybe these speculations offer a little, although only probable, insight into this figure of the holidays.

The History

During the 2007 Muley Christmas video shoot, my pal Martheus Wade (creator of Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa) performed a quickly assembled Santa Claus.

During blocking of the Magical Christmas Hats performed by his wife, Janet, Martheus made his way into the studio where he found an old rubber fish near dry rot. Suddenly, behind us we hear the chomping sound of Martheus’ Santa Claus, turning to see that the eyes are loose and wobbly and Santa is eating at the fish’s guts. Breaking me down into a fit of laughter, we had to make the aptly named “Santa Fish” his own video.

Santa Fish made a return in the 2008 Christmas video after the previous year’s success.

Also, two of the only existing Santa Fish action figures were made: One for Martheus and one for our archives.

An inaction figure of Santa Fish.

After the 2008 Christmas video, a lot of positive replies came back (amidst the ones reading “This is scary!”), and the most positive reply? “I think you guys have created your Great Pumpkin.” So, it was decided that the Santa Fish would become a regular part of our puppet character ensemble, although he did find his way into the 2009 KLWP Greeting Cards as drawn by Muleton Mule, Jr.

Santa Fish has always been performed by Martheus Wade.

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