Monday, February 14, 2011

Jetta "Full Circle" Now Available!

With this superb graphic novel epic story nearing its end, this second to last edition promises so much. The expected great story and fantastic artwork is there, but be prepared for the battles to come to a head, things to happen you didn't quite expect, and reveals that you've been wondering about for a LONG time!!

Be sure to visit the official website by clicking on the image above for more information! Want to discuss it? Click here!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New: Roy Duck's Maze!

Roy Duck loves swimming (obviously). Can you help him get to the water hole so he can swim?

First Congregational Newsletter

In this past week's newsletter from First Congregational, Muley makes an appearance (with a little bit of Kev on the side).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ronald McDonald House Radiothon

Well, folks, you know that Muley and I cherish the work of St. Jude, and where can 51 kids being treated at St. Jude and their families stay while in Memphis? At a hotel? No way!

They can stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis! But, this non-profit organization can only last with our support--so, click on the image below and be sure to go donate.

Or, if you don't like donating online, call them today: 1-800-230-KIDS (5437).

The RadioThon is going on now until 10am; but, the giving doesn't have to stop there. There are other ways to help the house and you can find all that out at their official website:


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Muley's Sermon 2 6 2011

The crowd giggles as Muley rises and greets the a silent return!



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Churching of the Mule

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Hi, Friends of Muley! We're proud to announce that, beginning tomorrow (Feb. 6, 2011) Muley will begin hosting the Kids' Sermons on the First Sunday of each month at First Congregational Church--which we locals call "First Congo"--located in the historic Cooper/Young district at 1000 South Cooper, Memphis TN 38104 (901)-278-6786. Find out more about the church by clicking on the image below.

Muley has a history of church involvement, from all the way back in 1988-1991 with First Assembly of God Church in Munford, TN, he was active with his buddy, Buford the Dog, in the Childrens' Church program. Actually, Buford more than Muley. But, Muley does enjoy visiting with his peers--nothing like watching a 6-year-old mule talk to his age-group about something he enjoys.

This Sunday's sermon is going to focus a little on the Super Bowl, and how that concept fits into our own lives (as kids OR grown-ups).

A little behind-the-scenes: Originally, there was a bit of a joke that Muley was going to tell; but, we cut it. It didn't seem to be the kind of thing to actually 'fit' with what we want to do at church. So it doesn't go to waste, here it is now:

Another note about First Congo: They love the arts and creativity, have programs dedicated to a greener earth and lifestyle, and also are very community oriented. On my Facebook page I posted a few notes from some Sundays' worth of information and should begin sharing that again. First Congo partners with the Memphis Food Bank (I'm pretty sure that's correct) and over a year ago began with about 60 families, today reaching over 200 families who might otherwise not have food. (If I find that my information is not correct I'll fix it; or if you read this and realize it's not right, please let me know.) Giving back to the community in such a way is VERY important. Speaking of importance, the main thing the church teaches about Christianity is LOVE--something I feel is very important to teach, and they welcome everyone. It's nearly a non-denominational church and I like that. Opens one's mind and heart to a plethora of topical options for serving the Lord.

Finally, if you want to visit Memphis but don't know where to stay, First Congo hosts a Hostel, which you can find out more information by clicking here.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interview with Gabriel Velez: Part 3

You can now find the final leg of my interview with Muppeteer Gabriel Velez at The Muppet Mindset now by clicking on the image below, and visit Gabe's website by clicking on his photo with his Pappyland character, Turtle Lou.