Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Muley Serves It Up at the Ice Cream Social

By now, you've heard the name FIRST CONGO a ton of times.  Well, we like a church that preaches love and fellowship, and this is the place for it!  All are welcome here, and we're into that acceptance of others, no matter what their differences to us are.  And in the spirit of fellowship, First Congo is having an Ice Cream Social on Sunday, July 29th, at 4 pm.  There will be a 'Best Topping' contest which should be fun.

Hopefully, you can visit and won't be too lactose intolerant like Muley's pal Calvin Cow...

Which brings us to the next point:  Muley will be performing a short show at the event!  What will he do?  Who will be there to do whatever he's going to do with?  You'll have to show up and see.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muley Kids' Message - July 15, 2012

Sunday, July 15th, found Pastor Cheryl discussing Jeremiah 18:1-11.  Go look it up. 

Muley's message that day was what do we do when we find outselves broken?  We have an option, we can do what we want at that point and let it happen and stay that way, or we can work with God to mend us and make us better.

"If he can make it, he can break it," was Muley's reference to God that, if he can create everything for mankind and yet mankind can't respect God and trust in him and show his worship to him, God can remove it.  Like the clay in a potter's hand, if the pot gets messed up, it can be reshaped and remolded and made anew into something even more beautiful than before, and that can also be us--stay broken, or let God mold us into something better than before.

So, Muley showed an example that, while drawing a barn, he sneezed and the artwork got all messed up, and he had an option: accept that and let it go...

...Or draw it over, and this time he was able to make it better--even with colors. 

Never settle for being second best, never settle on anything that is broken and undone.  You can do better for yourself and, when you feel you're at your worst, you can let God come in and help reshape everything.  Trust, respect, and love is what God asks for and, when the time is right, he'll make good things happen!

Oh, and during the middle of the message, Muley had to look behind the stage at his "helper" and say, "Dude!  Keep up man, and stop losing your place in the script!"  Yeah, performing a puppet and having him work with props made his helper lose his place in the script.  "Yep, it's all live, folks!" he said to the laughing crowd.

July 29th you can find Muley at First Congo at the Ice Cream Social.  You can read more by clicking here.

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Photography by DaMarco Randle.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

One More First Saturday Club Post!

This Sunday, July 15th, is Muley's next kids' message at church; but, here is the church newsletter (click their image) showing a rare image of Muley outside of the stage and visiting the crowd last Saturday at the First Saturday Club's meeting.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Performance at the First Saturday Club!

Today, we did a little performance at our church, First Congregational (Cooper/Young area in Memphis), with the First Saturday Club group!  It's a neat little group of folks who get together to do crafts and have a snack and hang out!  Here are a few pictures (captions by Muley):

Here I am performing "Polk Salad Annie" for the first time, and it was fun.
I like polk salad with cornbread and pepper sauce or some mild chow-chow!

Frankie Steinatra of TransylVegas appeared and sang "That's Life."

Roy Duck and I performed the song "Rawhide".  "Muley," he asks, "If the song
is about cowboys, why do they keep singing about 'doggies'?"

Roy Duck and I are still singing in this one.

After the show, I came up to visit with folks, and we ended up doing an encore
of the show for the good folks who were there.  Afterwards, there was ice cream!

And, on Sunday, July 15th, Muley will have a little discussion at church during service for the kids' message, so feel free to come on down and visit!  Services begin at 10:30 am.

(Photography by Richard Meeks, MuleySuit Support Team member).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Well, it's hot.  I love fireworks displays, although I probably won't get to see any and will instead end up watching some on T.V. or popping a few firecrackers myself.  And, again, it's hot.  Hotter than a firecracker!  But, not too unbearable as I get to go indoors to my air conditioning or in my truck with air conditioning in it.  Basically, the weather is nice--even though it's hot.

Half the year is gone, and I'm hungry for something off the grill. I almost don't care what it is.  Any kind of meat, to Muley's own dismay (as he thinks it could be someone he may know).  I love grilled meat, mostly beef followed by chicken and then pork.  Especially pork if it is barbequed (here in the south, being grilled is different than barbequed as the latter includes a delicious sauce on the pulled pork or the ribs).  Chicken can be barbequed with sauce as well, but grilled it's usually only flavored one way.  Beef can be in the form of a burger or hot dog; but, I'll humbly accept a steak.  I like steak.  Muley and his friends cringe at the thought, but I like it.

And, with the year half gone, I wonder what the other half has for me?  Success? Sadness? Happiness? Health or Sickness?  What could it be?  I don't know, but I look forward to the adventures that await me.

And, tomorrow, what has the day in store?  Well, I get to go visit my mother and stepfather, eat, hang out with my pets, and draw.  I'll be sitting pretty high on the hog tomorrow with all of that.  My pets will be nervous if there are fireworks pops around, so I hope to keep them too busy to realize it.

Keep in mind, that my pets get airconditioning and food and water; but, there are many animals not lucky enough to have a home or a good owner.  Put a cool bowl of water out for the critters when you can, in a place that will stay shaded so the water doesn't heat up.  Feel free to drop a hotdog or something similar outside for the hungry animals.  Keep in mind, the strays aren't there because they want to be, but because some dumb human was an irresponsible pet owner!  If you have a pet, get it spayed or neutered.  Some places have charity services for that if you capture an unowned pet and take it they will tend to the services there.

There are also a few humans out there who've fallen down on their luck.  No home, no family, no airconditioning, no food, no water...not because they chose to be.  There are ways to help without getting involved, so look for those charities or organizations that take care of the poor.  After all, in the midsouth area alone there are 21,000 living below the low-poverty level. 

We get the opportunity to celebrate the freedom of America, but many don't get that chance to (comfortably).  I'll remember to be thankful for my house, pets, family, food, air-conditioner, clean water, and health tomorrow, and I'll remember to be thankful for the freedom that allows me the opportunity to have all those things.  I'll remember to be thankful for the men and women in service who have in the past, now, and in the future worked so hard to keep America beautiful, safe and free.

And, I'll remember to turn loose of the bottle rocket when I light it...