Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kevin's interview with Gabriel Velez

I sat down and visited with Muppet performer Gabriel Velez, an interview which can be seen at The Muppet Mindset by clicking on the image below! Go meet Gabriel Velez! 

Or, click below to find all the parts:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

It's a day late; but, well, there was a plan for a video of Muley performing on guitar and singing The Beatles' "Happy Christmas," but, our video wasn't able to be converted for use. Instead, we offer the vocals which we COULD use along with an image of Muley taken during the filming. It won't be as neat as watching him perform on the guitar, but hopefully it'll be fun to hear his message in the song.

Also, mixed in will be images from our holiday happenings which we hope you'll enjoy. In these montage images, you can see Muley's visit to the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis as "Santa Mule" to play with the kids while Santa takes 'orders' for holiday delivery. You can always find ways to donate or volunteer with them by visiting the official website of the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis.

You will also see images of Muley and Family as they visit the Airways Police Department here in Memphis, TN. You know, too often the Memphis Police Department are seen in a negative light as kids see them cart off brothers, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins--but, to show their heart Officer Vance Stacks helps head a group of officers who have toy and gift drives in which their police cars are filled to the max with gifts that are brought to the station and put on display for the kids of the community to come and get gifts to their hearts' desires during a time of year when they might not otherwise get any Christmas gifts. What these officers are doing from their hearts are the true meaning and spirit of the holiday, whatever you choose to celebrate!

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and, as always, our very best wishes to all readers and your friends and family, and their friends and families, for 2011!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Card 2010 - Part 3

Well, folks, here is the winning decision for this year's Christmas Card. I tried to get to get out as many as possible; but, I think I missed one or two. Finding themselves in a position that isn't necessarily a part of the meaning of Christmas, our troupe of performers are left in the cold as a member of the band goes solo:

And, of course, no good holiday treat is complete without an appearance from *gulp!* Santa Fish!

Want to know more about Santa Fish? Click on the image above! You'll be sorry you did!

Finally, long ago, we posted about our thoughts of what Christmas is all about, and we still agree that Linus has it right. You can visit that post by clicking here.

Oh, and will there be a Christmas Video? Stay tuned (but turn the sound down, a 6 year old mule can only sing so well)!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Mule is Hanging 'Round Town!

Muley will make an appearance to help pass out gifts to underprivileged children as "Santa Mule" at the Airways Blvd. Police Station at 2234 Truiit. They are located inside the old Army Depot on Airways near Ketchum. The Christmas dinner for the kids and their families starts at 6pm.

UPDATE: Images are now online!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Muley Goodness Spread Around!

December 11, 2010 - Ronald McDonald House visit:

As always, Muley donned his Santa Mule costume and made his way across town to his pet charity, the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. Lots of fun was had--seeing old friends, making new ones...it's such a treat to go visit.

You can learn more about making donations or event-planning by visiting the official website of the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. In the meantime, feel free to visit the photo album by clicking on the following image.

But, if it is art that you're looking for, then look no further because you can click on either of the images below to see caricatures of Muley from his collector sketchbook, or art made by his friends and fans. Click on either image to visit!


Sunday, December 12, 2010


Happy Holidaze!

I call it that because the entire holiday season is spent with folks 'bustling' here and there and everywhere to buy those last-minute gifts for everyone. Of course, I always tell people that 1) my greatest gift is their friendship and 2) don't buy me anything--I'll get me stuff I need/want and say it's from them, and they can get something for themselves and say it's from me! It's easier and you're guaranteed to get what you want.

Gift-giving, it is said, began with the Magi who appeared to Jesus' manger with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. But, what did these gifts mean? Well, gold represented that the child would be royalty. Frankincense was believed to carry our prayers to heaven. Myrrh (and now you'll get Roy Duck's meaning in the last posting) was used as an embalming oil and represented that the infant was born only to die for the world.

It was nice to know that something nobody expected was the gift of Salvation through Jesus. It is unappreciated by those who don't belive, underappreciated by those who do, and then there are those who are indifferent just 'because.' Around here, we're not preachy and aren't going to rub our readers' noses in our beliefs; but, there is reason to believe a lot more than there is reason to doubt!

And I also have reason to believe that Christ has a great sense of humor, and so won't mind that the following "Magi" have appeared in this Muley-Mini (also a failed idea for this year's Christmas card) bearing their own gifts:

Hoping your holidays are wonderful!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Not-So Wise Men

Or, in Roy Duck's case, maybe a wise-quacker!

Of course, we never really knew (even from the Holy Bible) that Jesus' manger was made of wood and in a stable out back of the inn, and that the wise men (magi) were only numbered by 3 as they rode in on their camels this night with their gifts. As a matter of fact, the 'stable' could have been a small cave-carved portion in limestone, and there could have been 3 wise men or 20--there isn't a reference to that, only to the number of gifts. There also isn't - to my knowledge - any reference to a little drummer boy in the scriptures.

Still, here is a Muley-Mini which actually was pencilled to be this year's Christmas Card, although another idea won out!

When I quickly inked it, there is a bit of a tangent: can you see it? Hope it's a fun one for you! Oh, and the joke is a bit obscure about the myrrh: do you get it? Do you need an explanation?

If you understand it, comment below!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Sinusy Season

Well, you all will know that (if your sinuses attack you) I always recommend the Neti Pot. Gravity pulls the water through your nose and washes out your sinuses, relieving you from sinus blockage, sinus headaches and pressure, drainage that could cause you to have a sore throat or get bronchitis.

I do recommend, also, that you use it as directed; not as Buford uses it here:

Of course, later, Buford caught Muley misusing it as well.

The brand I suggest is below. It's what I use. It will help you!
Basically, what I do is get some lukewarm water (too hot and it burns your sinuses and you talk funny, too cold and  you feel like you're drowning), and pour in a packet of the sinus rinse.  I put a thumb over the hole in the lid and one over the spout and shake the snot out of it (ha ha)!  I put the spout in one nostril and leaning WAY over (with my head almost upside down) let the water flow.  You can breathe through your mouth in this process.

Keep in mind, though, that if it pours too fast it comes back through your sinuses and into your mouth.  It's really salty and yucky tasting if that happens, so pour slowly.  Have on hand a wash rag to dry your face if you need to, and paper to blow your nose into.  It's helpful, or I wouldn't tell you about it. 

Keep safe, happy, and well, and I'll do the same!