Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Not-So Wise Men

Or, in Roy Duck's case, maybe a wise-quacker!

Of course, we never really knew (even from the Holy Bible) that Jesus' manger was made of wood and in a stable out back of the inn, and that the wise men (magi) were only numbered by 3 as they rode in on their camels this night with their gifts. As a matter of fact, the 'stable' could have been a small cave-carved portion in limestone, and there could have been 3 wise men or 20--there isn't a reference to that, only to the number of gifts. There also isn't - to my knowledge - any reference to a little drummer boy in the scriptures.

Still, here is a Muley-Mini which actually was pencilled to be this year's Christmas Card, although another idea won out!

When I quickly inked it, there is a bit of a tangent: can you see it? Hope it's a fun one for you! Oh, and the joke is a bit obscure about the myrrh: do you get it? Do you need an explanation?

If you understand it, comment below!



Joseph Scarbrough said...

Hmm... could it be that Muley says to turn left, when he's obviously pointing to, and their destination is to the right? said...

Nope. The guy at Nazareth told them to turn left, which they already did.

The "tangent" is where two lines from different objects in a drawing come together. In this drawing, it was the camel's head, the path, and the question mark.

Good guess, though. Really, you can almost bet on Muley saying go one way and he points the other.

Robinsen Clerk said...

Three wise men? First, it is not stated in the text. Wise men travel to Bethlehem; Second, Matthew does not mention the "manger". All three are only aligned with reference to Matthew's three types of gifts.