Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

It's a day late; but, well, there was a plan for a video of Muley performing on guitar and singing The Beatles' "Happy Christmas," but, our video wasn't able to be converted for use. Instead, we offer the vocals which we COULD use along with an image of Muley taken during the filming. It won't be as neat as watching him perform on the guitar, but hopefully it'll be fun to hear his message in the song.

Also, mixed in will be images from our holiday happenings which we hope you'll enjoy. In these montage images, you can see Muley's visit to the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis as "Santa Mule" to play with the kids while Santa takes 'orders' for holiday delivery. You can always find ways to donate or volunteer with them by visiting the official website of the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis.

You will also see images of Muley and Family as they visit the Airways Police Department here in Memphis, TN. You know, too often the Memphis Police Department are seen in a negative light as kids see them cart off brothers, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins--but, to show their heart Officer Vance Stacks helps head a group of officers who have toy and gift drives in which their police cars are filled to the max with gifts that are brought to the station and put on display for the kids of the community to come and get gifts to their hearts' desires during a time of year when they might not otherwise get any Christmas gifts. What these officers are doing from their hearts are the true meaning and spirit of the holiday, whatever you choose to celebrate!

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and, as always, our very best wishes to all readers and your friends and family, and their friends and families, for 2011!

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Robinsen Clerk said...

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