Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Christmas Card 2010 - Part 3

Well, folks, here is the winning decision for this year's Christmas Card. I tried to get to get out as many as possible; but, I think I missed one or two. Finding themselves in a position that isn't necessarily a part of the meaning of Christmas, our troupe of performers are left in the cold as a member of the band goes solo:

And, of course, no good holiday treat is complete without an appearance from *gulp!* Santa Fish!

Want to know more about Santa Fish? Click on the image above! You'll be sorry you did!

Finally, long ago, we posted about our thoughts of what Christmas is all about, and we still agree that Linus has it right. You can visit that post by clicking here.

Oh, and will there be a Christmas Video? Stay tuned (but turn the sound down, a 6 year old mule can only sing so well)!



Joseph Scarbrough said...

I've been meaning to tell you Kev, that I really like that you not only keep the original spiritual aspect of Christmas alive, but at the same time, you also make it funny without being blasphemous.

Thanks for that, and thanks all the wonderful Muley goodness you give us.

Robinsen Clerk said...

Was featured in the National Hotel "The Christmas Card" in the city of Nevada. A day of shooting at the corner of Commercial as well as Coyote Streets at Nevada CIT is nearing its end, working on a set of Christmas cards.