Sunday, December 12, 2010


Happy Holidaze!

I call it that because the entire holiday season is spent with folks 'bustling' here and there and everywhere to buy those last-minute gifts for everyone. Of course, I always tell people that 1) my greatest gift is their friendship and 2) don't buy me anything--I'll get me stuff I need/want and say it's from them, and they can get something for themselves and say it's from me! It's easier and you're guaranteed to get what you want.

Gift-giving, it is said, began with the Magi who appeared to Jesus' manger with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. But, what did these gifts mean? Well, gold represented that the child would be royalty. Frankincense was believed to carry our prayers to heaven. Myrrh (and now you'll get Roy Duck's meaning in the last posting) was used as an embalming oil and represented that the infant was born only to die for the world.

It was nice to know that something nobody expected was the gift of Salvation through Jesus. It is unappreciated by those who don't belive, underappreciated by those who do, and then there are those who are indifferent just 'because.' Around here, we're not preachy and aren't going to rub our readers' noses in our beliefs; but, there is reason to believe a lot more than there is reason to doubt!

And I also have reason to believe that Christ has a great sense of humor, and so won't mind that the following "Magi" have appeared in this Muley-Mini (also a failed idea for this year's Christmas card) bearing their own gifts:

Hoping your holidays are wonderful!

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