Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Sinusy Season

Well, you all will know that (if your sinuses attack you) I always recommend the Neti Pot. Gravity pulls the water through your nose and washes out your sinuses, relieving you from sinus blockage, sinus headaches and pressure, drainage that could cause you to have a sore throat or get bronchitis.

I do recommend, also, that you use it as directed; not as Buford uses it here:

Of course, later, Buford caught Muley misusing it as well.

The brand I suggest is below. It's what I use. It will help you!
Basically, what I do is get some lukewarm water (too hot and it burns your sinuses and you talk funny, too cold and  you feel like you're drowning), and pour in a packet of the sinus rinse.  I put a thumb over the hole in the lid and one over the spout and shake the snot out of it (ha ha)!  I put the spout in one nostril and leaning WAY over (with my head almost upside down) let the water flow.  You can breathe through your mouth in this process.

Keep in mind, though, that if it pours too fast it comes back through your sinuses and into your mouth.  It's really salty and yucky tasting if that happens, so pour slowly.  Have on hand a wash rag to dry your face if you need to, and paper to blow your nose into.  It's helpful, or I wouldn't tell you about it. 

Keep safe, happy, and well, and I'll do the same!


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