Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Jan-Jun Children's Message Schedule

We hope you'll come visit First Congo on any Sunday for great people, music, services, and more.  There are tons of volunteer opportunities to participate in that can help you and others.  There is a fair trade store to buy gifts for good prices that pay fair wages to the crafters of the products.  Organizations to meet and participate with.  More!

As a part of this church, Muley is very happy to participate with the kids' messages.  Following is his schedule through June 2015!  Please come out to visit.

10AM - You can visit members and learn about the church at the Cafe Congo.
10:30AM - services begin.

January 25-Kevin and Muley
February 8-Kevin and Muley
March 15-Kevin and Muley
April 12-Kevin and Muley
May10-Kevin and Muley
June 7-Kevin and Muley
June 21-Kevin and Muley

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