Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's in Black-and-White...

Tonight, I watched a colorized version of the I Love Lucy Christmas Special and just wasn't distracted by the color version at all.  But, in a discussion about it, the note came up by my buddy Joseph that the advertisement said it was colorized for kids of all ages.

Huh?  I grew up on both color and black-and-white TV.  Great characters with personality, great stories, fun entertainment: those are the things that are needed.  Not color.  Kids can enjoy color TV or black-and-white TV.  If it's good TV, they'll like it.

Now, I am reminded about a comic strip I did a LONG Time ago, posted here.  The joke is that it is said that dogs are color blind.  And, it is biographical: I remember watching a show with a friend of mine as a kid and she asked, "Is there a problem with your TV?"

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