Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Videos Through History

Okay, so, not a long history of it.  Several years ago we were late on sending a Christmas Card out to folks, so we set up a camera and recorded Muley and Kevin to make that Christmas Wish.

It had to be followed by our New Year's Day message (to make a drawn-out joke work):

Lame, silly joke.   I know, but otherwise it wouldn't be a Muley joke, right?

But, then, Muley found a magic book in which we borrowed (what we thought was) a Santa's Helper for a quick cameo:

However, it was then our discovery that we didn't get an official Santa, but closer.  Somewhat of a cousin, but we were still not sure exactly who--or WHAT--we had, until this happened...

That's right, it was the moment of discovery of the dreaded SantaFish!!  You can learn more about SantaFish in his o-fish-al biography by clicking here.

In 2008, we had a video where Muley wrote a letter to Santa Claus; but, his letter went, as all letters by naughty boys and girls go, to SantaFish!  Here's what happened, followed by out-takes and alternate shots.

In 2009, Muley broke his arm.  How'd that go for Christmas?

It went thataway.  Yep, in 2009, there was a Christmas whine.  But, in 2010, there were people whining that Muley ruined a perfectly good song.  C'mon, folks: he's 6 years old with a camera and a karaoke tape, give him some credit!

Then there was the time he and his buddy Roy Duck performed "Little Drummer Boy" from their school play.  They done okay!

And that is the long, drawn-out history of Muley's Christmas videos.  Let's see what happens in 2015, shall we?  Could it finally be the long-awaited "Truly Muley Christmas Special?"

Probably not...

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