Sunday, January 18, 2015

Buford Adopts a Kitty - Parts 1 & 2

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I have mentioned before that most of the things I write for puppets or comic strips have a basis on my real life.   In this series of strips, Buford the Dog adopts a kitten.

The story begins with Zombie Walk and my buddy, DaMarco Randle, also the supplier of the photos to follow.

DaMarco is the clown in the middle...
 A few years ago, after Zombie Walk was over, I traveled home on Danny Thomas Blvd in Memphis with my buddy DaMarco Randle, when he, in the passenger seat, began hitting the invisible passenger-side brakes yelling, “CAT IN THE ROAD! CAT IN THE ROAD! Didn’t you see the cat in the road?”

“What?”  I asked, hoping I didn’t hit anything.  “Where?”

“There was a kitten in the road!” he exclaimed.

“Living or dead?”


I was certain that it was up to fate to handle the life of that kitten.  I didn’t put it there, and it wasn’t my responsibility. 

But, I’m an old softie and as I thought about it I began to realize that I can’t just leave a kitten on side of the road, so I did a huge, illegal U-Turn in the middle of Danny Thomas Blvd, aka Hwy 61, and crossed back over the bridge.  From within the deep grasses across the street I hear “Meow! Meow!”  This poor kitten screaming and hollering.  My initial thought:  I hurt it! 

I whipped the vehicle around again and stopped by the side of the road where DaMarco lured the kitten to him and into the vehicle.  All the way home, this kitten kept looking at me.  I didn’t want to make eye contact with it because I just knew what would happen.

We got her home, watered her, fed her, washed her, and while she dried I left her in the towel, holding her to my chest to keep her warm.  I looked down at those big eyes a few times, and shouldn’t have, though I could still resist.

But, she pulled the winning card.
Purring, this kitten began to crawl out of the towel, up to my chin, rub against it, and I sank into the couch.

“You’re keeping her, aren’t you?” DaMarco asked as I sank.


One cat had already been a rescue, and his name is Casper*.  After the ghost.  So, of course, you have to partner that name up with the good little witch, Wendy.

That being said, you know the real story; but, here is how it happens in the MuleyVerse.  Let’s see what happens when Buford finds a kitten lost in the wild over the next few weeks.
This is the first kitten sketch planned for the strips.

*The first pet to rescue was a male cat now named Casper.  He wandered into my driveway just before a storm and was brought in to keep the kitten from suffering through the storm.  I was playing with him and accidentally named him.  When you name it, you have to keep it.  Which is why I never name people or kids.

Wendy was the second rescue.  The third rescue would be a dog.  DaMarco named her and her sister that looked just like her:  Bebe and Cece.  We kept Bebe.  I wanted to name her Princess, so her name is Princess Bebe, but we just call her Bebe.  I guess it was a better name than Aeae.

Enjoy these stories!

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