Friday, February 17, 2012

"Who Ya Gonna Bray? 'Buster Muley!"

Are you afraid?

Ever have those feelings late at night while your watching television in the dark or reading before going to sleep that someone is watching you?  Ever hear those weird creaks or bumps as the sun sets and you know you didn't do it?  Ever get creeped out going into your basement, attic, or barn?  Have you ever thought you caught a vision of someone out the corner of your eye, but nobody was there

If the answer is "yes" to any of these, don't wait another second!  'Buster Muley is on the job!!  You need PROFESSIONAL PROTECTION!   Go ahead and order this print for your protection: 

"There is no Dana, only Mule"  $10.00*:

Inspired by the movie Ghostbusters, Muley can be seen here zapping the evil entity Missy Mule (and she's going to get ticked-off when she reads this), having just arrived on his emergency tricycle!  This full color 8x10" print features the downtown Memphis skyline with an authentic twist--yes, it's top secret; but, it helps recreate the climactic ending of the movie.  If you can guess what it is, tell us when you place your order and we'll send you a free (albeit small) Muley sketch!

Meaning you'll get a sketch of Muley from Kevin; not that Muley will actually sketch something.  But, you know what we mean...

So, you ask, "How do I order this fantastic print?"  You can mail your order with a check or money order to:
PO BOX 770397
MEMPHIS, TN 38177-0397

Or, you can order through Paypal by sending your payment to

And, if you act now, we'll also send you good vibes to ward off all those pesky creeps and under-the-bed monsters that worry you at night! 
(*Price includes shipping and handling charges in the U.S., more fees may apply to ship out of the country. Memphis, TN, residents should e-mail directly with pick-up options for $10; prints are still $15 for delivery in-town.)

"I ain't afraid o' no Missy Mule!"
(But, probably should be...)

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