Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"The Best of Me" by Grace Eggers

Hey, folks,

Yeah, usually we post things about a certain mule here; but, even though she's not a mule, be sure to check out this link for our family member, Grace Eggers, who is an extremely wonderful singer! 

We want you to help out her cause, too, and either go online and buy her recordings to help fund her work (the album is only $5):

or you can donate through the following address (with a tax-deductbile donation payable to):

Helping Hands Inc
1241 Briar Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28205
(include a note that the donation is for Grace Eggers, but be sure to make the check payable to Helping Hands, Inc., for it to be tax-deductible donation).
Don’t miss out!  Participate today!

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