Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Monkey See, Monkey Do" Part 2

A while back I posted a comic strip that was similar to something I'd done in the past.  Not really a copy-cat by any means because I'm a fan of his work.  It's just coincidental that the muses sweep down and give some folks the same idea even if it's much later.

Today's offering is of a comic strip that ran on the once popular Rock 103's Funny Pages.  Rock 103's Wake-Up Crew was geared toward an adult "waking up and on the way to work" audience.  It was also the very best morning radio show of all time which has since, and sadly for the world, ceased to exist.  But, as part of their website they had the "Rock 103 Funny Pages."  It was Muley's first venture into internet publication with the help of Lin Workman who would scan the art and add color to the strips (grey tones, and then actual colors when I gave him that).  He actually did the work for several folks' strips. 

Well, Muley's strip was titled "Smart Ass" for the Rock 103 crowd, even though it was still supposed to be simply "Muley Comix"--but, you have to fit in (or do you?).

This strip was drawn in December 1999, and was published on the Funny Pages site on April 11, 2000:

I'll explain Muley's ears another day...
And sorry for the final joke in the strip--remember, it was geared for a more grown-up crowd.

This T-Shirt is available at Walmart as of 2011:

Is it me, or do we see too much similarity here?  Anyway, the point of me doing this strip is because I wanted to get the "ass" jokes done and out of the way (granted, I didn't think of Lazy Ass).  I didn't want to get bogged down with expectations of ass jokes in my strip because that's not what it was really about.

What are your thoughts about these kinds of similarities?  Have you had an experience with such a thing happening to you?

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