Friday, January 30, 2015

Buford Adopts a Kitty - Part 4

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When first planning to adopt a pet, our suggestion is to snag plenty of allergy medicines to begin with.  There are generic medications that keep you from spending all that extra money that you'll need for vet bills and getting holistic pet food.

The second step to the planning is finding where to get the pet.

In our case, Casper wandered into the driveway before a storm as a kitten, and I suckered myself into keeping him.  Wendy was in the middle of the road as a kitten, and she suckered me into keeping her.  Bebe was one of 9 puppies born under the abandoned house next door, and when we took "all" of them to a foster farm, she hid in my house and I got attached/suckered into keeping her.

But, your case may be different.  Consider the pound, consider animal shelters.  There are good animals there that need a Forever Home and love.  You don't have to purchase a full-breed animal to get a good pet, and sometimes rescued animals are not only the best pet, but also they are the pet that gives you the best, appreciative love!

You can also check with your local vet's office as they sometimes have good advice on getting a pet and where to go.

Remember, getting a pet is not a short-term act.  These are called Forever Homes for a reason: when you get a pet, you also get responsibility.  Feeding, cleaning, playing, exercise, activity...there are many jobs in taking care of your pet, and the attention required is exorbitant!  Also, you can have a pet at home, but that pet at home can also be abandoned--don't be that person!

Don't leave them outdoors chained up with no attention, don't leave them without plenty of water and food, don't leave them out in the cold, don't leave them locked up in a small room, don't leave them to their own devices.

Pets need a boss.  Not the "Hitler" kind of boss, but the kind of boss that cares about them and wants everything that is happening and that is going to happen to be a happy outcome for the critters.

So, this post reminds you of the responsibility in providing a Forever Home to an animal.  And reminds you to get allergy meds.

Up next, part 5.

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