Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 20, 2013, Kids' Message

Muley's been delivering these kids' messages at First Congo for a while now, and he loves it.  He loves visiting everyone and going to church and sharing his thoughts. To see when Muley will be speaking at First Congo, you can click here

The rest of us are nervous when he begins speaking.

However, this time he related how the church is like a big pie, and to keep this pie cooking you have to add ingredients which is either money (to help programs like Food for Families or the Fishes and Loaves Closet continue to help people) or even volunteers to power the programs.  The photo of the chocolate pie had a slice missing, and that's where we come in during this Season of Giving--to complete the pie and help continue programs which are needed to help the needy.

Of course, he would start with a broken sign and the wrong kind of "pi."

Photo by Roger Courts
We've also updated with the First Congo 150th Anniversary Banquet Program details and photos.


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