Thursday, September 12, 2013

Muley's Comix and Stories #1B!!

The long asked for, long awaited re-issue of #1 in a second edition which now contains ALL Muley and Friends comic strips and a first-ever full-color presentation of the 3-page story "Marshall Muley of Giddyup Gulch" as he faces off against the big, bad Eddie Bubba!

Those who bought #1 will remember that there were other comic strips that were not Muley and Friends (such as Noah at the edge of the ark holding his hand out for a dove to land on his finger while it holds an olive twig saying, "We can eat the animals now").

In this new edition, 14 full-color Muley comic strips have been added to this 32-page edition bringing you along with them into their hijinks and hilarity!  The full-color wrap around cover even invites you into their world as they play in the park.

If you got the first print edition, don't miss out on this new one and get your kicks!  Go and grab it, you'll be glad you did.  Click the image below to start your order!


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