Sunday, December 8, 2013

Muley's Kids Message - 12/8/2013

We delivered our message for the kids at First Congo on 12/8/2013 which was about preparing for the coming of the Christ Child, sharing the verse made famous by Linus in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," and explaining how over 700 years people were prophesying the coming of the baby Messiah.

The Congo Beat, the church newsletter, says:  The children always enjoy hearing what Muley the Mule (Kevin Williams) has to say, and last Sunday he shared the Christmas Story in his own special way.  As you can see, Jasper Vaughn totally enjoys our monthly visits from Muley!
Ignore that head behind the cardboard...
The next message is on January 5, 2014 if you want to come visit!  Here's a map to First Congo!

Here is the schedule so far:
January 5th:  Kevin and Muley
February 2:  Kevin and Muley
March 2nd:  Kevin and Muley
March 30th:  Kevin and Muley
April 27th:  Kevin and Muley

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