Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Superman Celebration 6/7-10/2012

Several things are about to happen, but first: Don't forget to click on the comic book cover below to order your own digital copy of the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa - Beginnings Omnibus from MAW Productions!!  You want it, you know you do, so go get it!  Only $6.99 for 120 pages of full color glorious art! 

Coming up soon, you can find appearances by all your favorites at Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL!  June 7 - 10, 2012!

On hand you can find Kevin L. Williams and Muley the Mule, Martheus Wade and Janet Wade.  We'll also have Muley being supported by Richard Meeks on Friday and Saturday for a Meet-n-Greet on Friday and Saturday as well as Turra Shibata on the same days supported by Micah Riley.  Artist DaMarco Randle will be there as well with a live-painting demonstration, all watched after closely by our Guard at Arms, Cliff Riley.

So, what does our schedule look like?

Each day the Artist's Alley opens at 10 am, and you can find Muley and Turra there at that time.  Friday, you can meet Muley in is regular t-shirt; but on Saturday Muley will be donning his SuperMule suit for a visit!  Bring your cameras and autograph books!   Also, each day DaMarco Randle will be doing painting demonstrations that you can bid on while he paints LIVE for you!  All artists will be taking commissions for art throughout the weekend.  Artist's Alley closes each day at 6pm.

Friday, June 8th, we'll be there all day and working hard on art, sketches, and more, so be sure to swing by for a visit, except these times:
12Noon: "Marketing for the Pitch" featuring creator Martheus Wade! Planet Krypton, 719 Market Street.
2:30 pm: "SuperMule and the Cookie Caper" performance*  Planet Krypton, 719 Market Street.
4:00 pm: "Kids Superhero Costume Contest" at the Smallville Tent is where you can find Muley next.

The puppet show performance is "SuperMule and the Cookie Caper!"  Can SuperMule save the day when all the city's cookies are disappearing at the hands of an evil cookie thief?  You'll have to come to the show and find out!  Featuring Muley the Mule as SuperMule; his pals Buford the Dog and Roy Duck; the victimous Missy Mule; Santa Fish and Frankie Steinatra as the goons; Death as the heavy; and Captain Davis as Captain Davis.

Saturday, June 9th, back at the booth all day starting at 10 am for artwork, sketches, and other activities. 
2:00 pm: Comic Book Pencilling workshop with Martheus Wade at Planet Krypton, 719 Market Street.  It's a free class, and the best educational opportunity you can find for creating comics!  (The only other place I would suggest to go to learn anything would be at the MAW Studios website for the tutorials.)
7:30 pm: Come see the Memphis Blues Brothers - Soloman DH and Linwood Blues - as they come out of seclusion for a one-night-only celebratory song of Superman, introducing the annual Fan Film Competition! 

Sunday Morning at 10 am you can find us at the booth with your last-chance to purchase Muley/Jetta/Turra goodies and get art commissions ordered as usually we break down about noon.

Next up: Anime Blues Con June 15 - 17, 2012!  Stay tuned after Metropolis IL's Superman Celebration for more information and appearances!

For a comprehensive list of all the places where you can buy Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa - Beginnings, visit her official website by clicking here.

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