Sunday, May 27, 2012

Introducing: Captain Davis!

Greetings, good-doers, and welcome to the site and the introduction to Captain Davis, a member of the Bonnieville Police Force who happens to supply SuperMule with details of activities that only a superhero such as SuperMule can attend.

Where can you meet the introduction of Captain Davis in person?  Why, at the premiere of "SuperMule and the Cookie Caper" in Metropolis, IL's, Superman Celebration!  You can find out more, including the schedule for Muley and Turra, by clicking here!

A bit of trivia:  Captain Davis is named after my stepfather, Sam Davis, who also provides the audio track for the character's performance.  Sam also appeared in a comic strip a while back as owner of "Sam's Quick Tune" to which Muley and Buford push a piano for the wrong kind of tuning.

UPDATE: After some discussion around here, the Captain Davis character looks too much like Bert from Sesame Street with his yellow skin and orange nose; so, we're changing that, and you get to help! Please comment (below) on your favorite nose color OR list your favorite nose color on the album comments by Wednesday, May 31, 2012, and we'll put all names commenting on this in a bucket to choose one participant who will win the original orange nose and receive a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Kevin L. Williams, Muley the Mule and Captain Davis himself!

 Original Orange, we're changing this

Don't forget to comment below.  You can also join the discussion at Muley's Facebook Page!

1 comment:

Joseph Scarbrough said...

I have to admit, before I finished reading the rest of the post, I was thinking Captain Davis did look a little like Bert, though I'm having a hard time trying to decide what color his nose should be... I like the blue nose, it matches his uniform, but the pink and yellow noses look good too.

I think perhaps yellow might be my choice, it offers a change of pace from puppets whose noses are a different color than the rest of their bodies; it might even be funny if his nose was brown, but then again, since his hair and mustache are brown, it'd seem "invisible". Yeah, I think I'll go with yellow.