Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Captain Davis' Nose Color Voter Results

First of all, don't forget this Friday's event for the Open Dress Rehearsal for the play "SuperMule and the Cookie Caper."

Secondly, the results of the votes are in:
1 for Brown, 2 for each Orange and Red, 3 each for Blue and Green, 4 each for Peach and Pink, and the winner by a total of 6 votes:

We'd like to thank the following for participating in the voting, all of whose names were put in a bucket to draw out one who will win the original orange nose and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Kevin L. Williams, Muley the Mule and Captain Davis:

DaMarco Randle, Beth Kelly, Danny Chamberlain, Matt Sinclair, Zachary Haumesser, Michael Armstrong, brandon Bennett, Matthew Krygier, Lisa McGeorge, Gabe Velez, Alexandria Millerick, Julio Robles, Bonnie Davis, Sam Davis (Captain Davis' namesake!), Charles Ettinger, Marvin Chevallier, Cindy Chapman, Trevor Hawkins, and Angela Freeman.

The discussions were interesting:  Blue to match the suit; red to compliment the blue and yellow, but not red because a red nose looks like someone who drinks a lot; not pink because with the brown mustache it looks like the Swedish Chef...lots of good points were made.  "Peach, because you can make peach fuzz jokes" or "Brown, because he brown nosed his way to the top" were fun jokes, but it all boils down to the votes being purple.

Now, all the names were put into a pot and the winner is:

Sorry, I got the paper wet, but it is for Matt, so...
Soon, Matt, but not before Superman Celebration, you'll receive the original nose with the Certificate of Authenticity.  We'll contact you soon.

Thanks for playing, gang!  See (most of) you Friday!

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Joseph Scarbrough said...

My vote didn't count? :| Oh well, it doesn't really matter, looks like mine would have been the only vote for yellow, so it wouldn't really have made much of a difference.