Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! 2011

You can still see Muley and Roy Duck's 2011 Christmas Video by clicking here.

Here is the front and back of this year's Kevin L. Williams Productions' Postcard from us to you.

This year, Missy wants to give the gift that keeps on giving...except, it isn't what Muley wants.  As opposed to her gift, he has a preference of what he would have instead...

One thing we want you to remember from these parts is that we not only wish you a very Merry Christmas, but also wish for health, prosperity and happiness to be yours in the coming year and always.  Not just a nice thing to be saying, but because it's meant with love from our heart to you and your family.

As Tiny Tim once said, "Let's tiptoe through the tulips and..."  Wait, that's the wrong Tiny Tim!  I meant the one from A Christmas Carol who said:

"Bless us all."


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