Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Message from Muley the Mule and Roy Duck

Well, Sunday night I walked by the Christmas tree while Muley and Roy Duck were doing some kind of thing for the video camera.  As usual, though, I kind of just left them there to do their thing.  I did a quick doodle of it in my sketchbook and shared it on Muley's Facebook Page.

So, earlier today I was asked by Muley and Roy Duck if I would edit this together for them, and here is our Christmas Message to you (click the TV icon below to see the show):

Of course, there is a strong message in "The Little Drummer Boy."  It was written in 1941 and performed in 1955 by the Trapp Family Singers, also known as the family featured in the Julie Andrews film "The Sound of Music" (one of my all-time favorites).  But, the meaning?  The song is the story of a poor boy who goes to the side of infant Jesus and, with Mary's approval, plays his drum for him.  It's a simple gift, and is one that caused the baby to smile at the little drummer boy.

You know, it's simple to forget the story of the Nativity and easy to ignore the message behind the Christian celebration of Christmas; but, foregoing the idea of expensive gifts we see that even the most minimal gifts mean something.  It's those gifts from the heart and given with love that mean the most!  The drawn cards, the handmade ornaments, the things people do with their talents.

So, no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate it, we can all agree on this:  In this season of celebration, keep those you know close to your heart, and those in need closer!  Volunteer when the chance arises, share with those who don't have, and above all:  LOVE!  Only with love can we have peace and good will among all of us.

Merry Christmas!!

And don't forget to go visit the website of Roy Duck's person, DaMarco Randle, where you can find great artwork (that is available for purchase):

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