Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 - We Remember

If you have to prove your point through hate and terror, you are serving the wrong god. In some cases, some folks serve the right god wrong. Peace, love, happiness and health is what the right god wants for us all.

What do you want?

Too often in today's time, there are people who battle against one another in our own country. Poor vs. Rich, Ethnicity vs. Ethnicity, Religion vs. Religion...

All of our goal should be finding a way, whatever it may be, to connect together so that all those who died that horrible day did not die in vain, that those brave men and women who die daily fighting for our freedom are not dying in vain, and that we are coming together to be what we should be:

One nation.
Under God.

Make it your duty now and forever to care about your brother man, and let's show those dumb terrorists that they cannot create division and that individually we're strong Americans, and gathered together we are a strong Nation!

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