Saturday, September 17, 2011

Muley and Pals Celebrate Jim Henson in Leland, MS, Sept 24th!

So, you want to see Muley in person? Well, come on down to the Leland, MS, Frog Fest (click the image above) in celebration of Jim Henson's birthday on Saturday September 24th as they dedicate The Rainbow Connection Bridge in Jim's honor!

Everyone has heard the tag-line for Muley and pals as "When the irreverence of The Muppets meets the innocence of Peanuts..." so you can already tell the two inspirations I have with one of them being Jim Henson. Not just the work he's created over the years, and not just his creations, but also his words--almost Buddha-like thoughts about love and peace. I suggest a book on the subject called "It's Not Easy Bein' Green and Other Things to Consider." Jim's inspiration to create characters that everyone would love, and the fun-loving, nearly sibling rivalry, between the characters who would still be friends was a leading creative factor when, as a kid, I began developing Muley's Comix and Stories.

So, this would lead me into discussing our trip next Saturday to Leland, MS, where you can find the Jim Henson Boyhood Museum and the soon to be named Rainbow Connection Bridge at the Leland Frog Fest!  Attending the great event will be actress and Muppeteer Fran Brill!  If you ever saw the movie "What about Bob?" then you saw her in an acting role as his love-interest.

Want to know what's going on? You can find the Frog Fest schedule online (by clicking on the link below).

What'll Muley be doing that day? Well, hanging around as usual while I do all the work; but, you can see the Muley booth schedule below to see what's going on!

So, here are some samples of the art we'll be showing. If you click on the images, you can see the progression pictures in the making of the paintings. They are 5x7" paintings in acrylic, and more to come. Heck, I may even be doing some painting while I'm there, so swing by and visit the booth to see what all is going on.

And, Muley has this to say:

Finally, several years ago Master Replicas made a Kermit the Frog photo puppet prototype that they sent around the county. While he visited us, we took him around Memphis and also back home to Leland, MS, where he got to revisit old times, and see his old boss in a photo that everyone finds very memorial. Click on the following to see the video montages of photos (with Lin Workman, Martheus and Janet Wade):

Kermit's Trip to Memphis, TN

Kermit's Trip to Leland, MS


Pam said...

As a huge fan if Jim Henson and the muppets, I appreciate you carrying the torch of inspiration!! xoxo said...

Sorry so late in replying, but thanks for such kind words, Pam! Hope you're doing well!!