Sunday, September 4, 2011

Muley for Mayor, Kermit's Hometown, and Turra Released!

Muley  still running for mayor!  But, in the midst of his time campaigning, he also has time to help his friends.  Even the old ones! (Click to enlarge.)

So, there is this billboard out and about as well!  Don't forget to vote and put a proper mule in the mayoral seat.

Want to help Muley become Memphis Mayor?  Here's a banner you can use!

But, where can you find Muley in September?
Well, you can certainly find him September 24th at

During the day, we'll be doing comic strip and puppetry demonstrations.  Also, they are renaming a bridge near the Jim Henson Boyhood Museum as "The Rainbow Connection Bridge" that day, which is also Jim Henson's birthday!  If you're around that area, please come out and say hello.  We'll also be selling original art and Muppety paintings!
Then, on Sunday, September 25th, you can find him doing his sermon for the kids at
FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.  Services start at 10:30; but, come in at 10 am and go to the Congo Cafe to meet and greet folks.  It's really a non-denominational atmosphere and the focus? Love.  A good place, and a great art community, too.  The picture below you can see him during the August kids' sermon.

And now, as editor of MAW Productions you've heard me rave about the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa series of epic graphic novels; but, now, you've got to get on over to get your copy of Turra: Bombs and Betrayal!  More information will be surfacing before long, but pre-orders can also get a free digital download story "Ramen Delight!"  Click below to read a great first review of the book!

And, don't forget that there are always weekend updates in the webcomics!

That's all for now; but, it's been a huge update and I hope you will always be happy and enjoy life along with those around you every day!

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