Monday, November 15, 2010

Do Bugs Get Depressed?

Well, I suppose that (after seeing these next two Muley Comix strips) you'll be able to guess which is my least favorite of the rodents that have intruded my house this past summer.

Now, in the case of this particular comic strip, I have often wondered why an insect gets itself into such compromising and dangerous positions. Such positions are: crawling on my counter; crawling on my floor; crawling on my wall; crawling around the trashcan; crawling around anywhere that I can see it. Almost as if it has a death-wish!

Well, I fixed 'em! There is a product (and here comes my PSA) called Terro Ant Killer. You can read about it in a blog by clicking here. Basically, you have these little cards that you set down near the ants, and you put a drop or two of this stuff on the little card, and the ants flock to it. After a day or two: you're ant free.

Now, I know someone out there is going to say, "You're so cruel, Kevin!" Yet, I have to say that I didn't tell those ants to put themselves in such a dangerous position. It was their death-wish, not mine. And, it's also not nearly as cruel as what I caught Muley doing to them (which you'll see in the next comic strip).

As usual, what goes around comes around (which you'll also see in the next comic strip); so, I expect any day now to find a big card with a blotch of clear liquid that smells and tastes like chocolate.


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