Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 3 - Friday Antics

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 3 - Friday Antics

Well, mostly as promised, here are some Screaming Tiki Con Friday Images. The event was held in Niles, OH, at the Eastwood Expo Center. It was a huge space (air conditioned, thank goodness!) filled with television stars, movie stars, comics artists, vendors, food, and a mule.

The event was well advertised on local TV, radio, newspapers...and (as you can see) signage!

Martheus and I visit with Jamie Reigle about the convention, his website and all the trouble--erm, FUN--we might get into over the weekend.

TA-DAA! Janet shows off the MAW Productions display wall.

Here, we are watching Martheus' crazy antics. Such things happen so fast that the camera can never catch it. He's a humor ninja!

Outside the convention, Sebastian Frog, Zach Haumesser, Muley, me, Martheus and Janet Wade and DaMarco Randle all pose for the camera! That poor camera--the last thing it ever did.

That night, we hit the HomeTown Buffet--GREAT PRICES! All you can eat home-cooked-flavored food! YUM! And, I did eat all I could eat.

Apparently, so did Martheus.

The convention was well-attended by everyone, including the Griswolds! (If you don't know who the Griswolds are, you're missing out). Marco poses with their vehicle. But, I think they forgot to take the dog off the leash--see below...

Next update: Costumes and the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa panels. And soon, movie stars and the Muley Show!

In other news:


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Parasailing donkey to fly no more, enjoy good life

I also just learned about Dominick the Christmas Donkey!

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