Friday, July 30, 2010

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 2 - The Hotels

Tiki Con - Chapter Two: The Hotels

This is a quick update with very short tales. We arrived late on that Thursday night to the Avalon Inn. It is a fantastic place, very nice, very big, and wonderful. And WOW! What a great staff: friendly, helpful, fun, and will joke with you. I felt really at home 99.9% of the time. I'm thankful for such a great place to stay.

But, at night, it can remind you that there should be twins in the hall, a kid on a tricycle, a man named "Johnny" chopping his way into your bathroom, and "redrum" written on your mirror (which I did to the one in my room).

The elevator (like mine) doesn't go all the way to the top; but, it goes further up. It goes to a 2-1/2 floor level, and you have to be careful which button you push as it will open up the doors behind you to a dark, dark unused-in-a-while room. I freaked out a little expecting vampires or zombies coming after me. Ghosts--I'd welcome that, they can't hurt you. The other things bite! Anyway, got off on the floor, but there's a little 1/2-flight down to the second floor to get to the room.

The rooms were extremely comfortable, huge with big beds! Such spacious rooms, in fact, that Martheus, Janet, Marco and I rehearsed the live Muley Show, "Muley's Tiki Talent Revue," in the room. There were TV's which were easy to navigate with clear reception, a wonderful working airconditioning system, CLEAN bathrooms--yes, a great place to stay. The balcony also gave us room to perform the puppets over to the crowds that gathered in the beautiful lobby.

Do you see the twins in the hallway? No? Just me? Sorry 'bout that.

There were fun dance parties at night. Here, you can see Zach, Martheus, me and Janet all jukin' to some cool song. Marco was there also, but he was taking pictures so he's on the other side of the image you see below.

It was a great week's stay at a great hotel and I highly recommend it (just don't get on the elevators at night).

Fast forwarding, after the convention DaMarco and I went up to Zach's hometown of Buffalo, NY, with plans to go see Niagara Falls the following Monday. We stayed in Rodeway Inn which had a helpful, friendly crew, the room was spacious enough for the two of us and had free WiFi! YAY! Ha ha.

It was a comfortable place, but it would allow outside noise into the rooms. At about 2 a.m. there was a truck load of cheerleaders who pulled up and entered the room right next to us, letting the door slam shut as they walked in and out unlaoding their van. GRRR! Luckily, they stopped before I went out to tell them to shaddup!

Coming up: Pictures from Friday at Screaming Tiki Con, followed by Saturday, Sunday, the trip to Buffalo, and Niagara Falls!

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Hope all is well in your world!!

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