Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Screaming Tiki Con Chapter 4 - Slap-Happy Saturday

Saturday found us having lots more fun around the convention! In particular, there was a technical presentation for the Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa Defiance movie featuring Alex "Kim" Benjamin (not seen here), Bruce "Producer" Williams, Michelle "Jetta" Laurent, and Calvin "Director of Photography" Roberts on the screen. At the table is your's truly, Kevin L. Williams (Editor), Martheus Wade (Creator, Writer, Artist) and Janet Wade (Writer, Inker).

We were very pleased to discuss the graphic novels, the movie, and finally get one-on-one time with the stars and folks behind the film. It was also exciting to visit with Calvin Roberts as we're all Star Wars fans and he was Director of Photography for several of the films!

You can see the panel discussions in three parts online thanks to Wolfe Pack Entertainment:
Jetta Defiance Movie Panel Part 1
Jetta Defiance Movie Panel Part 2
Jetta Defiance Movie Panel Part 3

The Jetta Crew also did a convention re-cap at the official website www.toshigawa.com.

Then, it was on to costumes. Well, maybe not costumes per se; but, there were plenty of Pirates roaming around Niles, OH--all on their best behavior. There wasn't a scurvy lad in in the lot! Except maybe DaMarco! It's the only reason I can figure a pirate might sneer at him like that.

Friday also found Sebastian Frog and Muley hopping or clopping around the convention goofing with guests, taking photos, and just having fun. Here, they are seen with their lesser halves Zachary Haumesser and Kevin Williams.

Group shot! Kevin, Muley, Zach and DaMarco after a full day of fun at Screaming Tiki Con!

But, the fun wasn't over yet! There was a superhero super-star in our midst! That's right, good ol' DW! Apparently, Darkwing Duck found his way to Niles, OH, because there were some evil things afoot (namely the feet of one of the con-goers). But, alas! No evil scented feet were to avail that day, I tell you.

I suppose the funniest part was that Darkwing Duck came in the 1960's Batcopter! I guess Launchpad was on vacation that weekend?

Well, a full day of work and then it's time to eat! Everyone, guests and fans, attended the Yamato restaurant. A neat Japanese cuisine place where they cook all the food up right in front of you! Here, my ol' buddy Zach and I proudly pose with the menu of the night's tummy-goodness.

At our table was: Back row: DaMarco Randle, Fatty Fat Boom Boom, Zachary Haumesser, and Aaron Smolinski (Baby Superman in the first film with Christopher Reeve). Front Row: Janet and Martheus Wade and another artist extraordinaire Steve "The Cake" Stanley.

At this table you can find Adam Wolfe of Wolfe Pack Entertainment and Jaimie Reigle of www.supercollectibles.com.

More of our bunch!

Tom Kane (voice actor) and Peter Smith (Tiki Con President) are at this table.

Mark McHaley (artist) and Michael Bell (voice actor) grace this bar.

Stay 'tooned for more updates on the event that was so much fun I'm STILL trying to get over it!

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