Sunday, August 19, 2012

Muley the Mule and Friends: Rock n Romp!

 August 19, 2012, Memphis, TN - 

The Muley and Friends Show presented their "Muley's Talent(less) Revue" at the Rock n Romp event at Minglewood Hall.  You can read the recap post at the official Rock n Romp website if you CLICK HERE.

Below are photos from the event which starred Janet Wade as Missy Mule, Martheus Wade as Buford the Dog and Santa Fish, DaMarco Randle as Roy Duck, and Kevin L. Williams as Muley the Mule, Frankie Steinatra, Death, and The TV Theme Song Singing Opera Singer.

Photos submitted by various audience members.

We were glad to perform for the families; but, won't partake in an event with the Rock n Romp staff again.  I post this information not just to complain but to inform other artists so they are aware of what can happen to you if you're not cautious about the quality of the programming being run.

First, it was a charitable "family event" so we offered to do the show at no charge, not realizing there would be beer sold to driving parents.

Second, the show runners ran long during the set-up of the show, setting the program behind schedule.

Third, we were the third act, and for the first half of the show, the guy over the program kept coming behind the stage, "How much longer? How much longer? We need to get the next act on."  "Look, you asked us to be here, and we're here performing.  It's a pre-recorded track, so we go until the show is over."

Fourth, with the entire audience watching, finally something the parents could watch with their kids, the show runners SHUT OFF OUR SOUND MIDSTREAM.  We had about 5 minutes left to go; but, they shut us off. Why?  They were paying the other three acts of the night, but not us, and so needed to get the PAID show on.

Fifth, when you ask a group to come perform for you, and you get them for free, let them perform.  Cut the other group short, or pay for the venue a little longer.  Had I known this was an event where they could pocket the difference in cash I would NOT have participated. 

I strongly suggest all artists create a contract that supports you and your performance, and never EVER let some group shut you off midstream.  I can say, though, that the green room turned red after we were done with them.

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