Monday, August 6, 2012

The Mars Rover Curiosity Has Landed...

Well, last night and today there've been a few ideas that hit us around here, so to start here are some Muley-Mini's (the quick sketched single panel 'toons), among other cut-n-paste items we did last night while waiting on the landing.

It's an historic day, so here ae some historic items of fun.  And, yes, we were first to make the Yip Yip Martians, Marvin the Martian and Mars Attacks items last evening.  This, we're proud of. 

On with the show...

From the deepest reaches of the outer zones of the universe, on board the starship "Shark"here comes METEOR MULEY! (Folks in the future can be so snobby sometimes):

Communication skillz sometime have a 13.8 minute delay...
It's all in the explanation (or lack thereof):

You know, around here, we have a firm belief in the work that science does, and so we promote it!  We must explore Mars! Or, at least get a taste test of the most delicious planet in the universe!

Mars Rover "Curiosity," 12:42 AM (5:14 AM UTC), "Touch Down Confirmed". Is this when we scream GGOOOOAAAALLLL!, or is that for a different kind of touch-down? I dunno; but, did you see the response from Mars yet??  I think Topps and Tim Burton told us something about needing to be careful with messing with Mars. And NOW look what happened! 

Uh-oh, NASA! Did you go to Mars uninvited?? :)  Maybe we should've knocked first??

But, anger turns to curiosity quickly!  The exciting first images from the Mars Rover Curiosity:

 The second image from Mars Rover Curiosity has been broadcast. Yip yip yip it has!

So, you can tell we're really into this space stuff.  Lots of fun!  Hope you enjoyed our visit to the red planet.

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