Sunday, November 15, 2020

Muley's Holiday Story Dilemma 2020

 The Mid-South Cartoonists Association has a publication, "The Good, The Bad, and The Sketchy," for which I've been in the company of many great artists from the group, and have had a chance to include Muley and Friends.

One thing I rarely share is me actually working on a project.  While working today, I was also watching a Blues Brothers concert on YouTube, so you'll hear that in the background.  Further down, I listed my process, because I love how things come to creation.

To get the story in its entirety, watch the MSCA website for more details:

You can also message me.

My process is to sit for days on end - sometimes weeks - trying to come up with the jokes and story.  Then, I quickly write the ideas down, transfer them to script form and do a fast gesture-thumb-nail of the page layout.

On larger paper, I do a sketch of how the text will lay out, along with the panels, and if I feel that it flows properly, I'll start the next process.

I take my 11x17" tracing paper and begin my layout in pencil, using a classic yellow #2 pencil.  This is how I keep from dulling my inks (which would happen if I penciled my Bristol board and inked over them and then erased the pencil).  

I put the penciled paper on the light table, and my Bristol board on top.  This allows me to ink my pages without erasing pencils later.  I use different pens and brushes to ink my art, using brushes for close-ups and different thickness of lines for distanced subjects.

I scan the art, and sometimes clean up the art and other times add text in my computer (because I'm a horrible letterer).

Then, off to publish.  I hope this was interesting and slightly informative. HA HA

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